Questions and Answers on Kalachakra

The news that Grand Master Lu will preside over the Kalachakra Ceremony at the Seattle LSCT Temple on October 21, 2006 has spreaded all over the world. Many fellow practitioners are making arrangements to attend and therefore some questions were raised. The True Buddha Foundation is offering explainations as follows.

Q: Is it true that by attending the Kalachakra Ceremony in Hongkong in Aug 2000, one has received the Kalachakra empowerment?
A: Yes, as long as one received the empowerment during the ceremony, whether the Kalachakra Ceremony in Hongkong, or in other subsequent Kalachakra empowerments conducted by Grand Master Lu. Please note, however, that Grand Master Lu stated:
Kalachakra Tantra belongs to the Highest Yoga Tantra. It is highly exclusive. Only those who have gained attainments in their Inner Practices of the Second Level Empowerments can advance to the practices of the Highest Yoga Tantra. Otherwise, one can only chant the Kalachakra Mantra or follow the procedure of the practice as we do in the ceremony.

Q: If one has attended the Kalachakra Ceremony in Hongkong in Aug 2000, is there a need for him/her to attend the upcoming ceremony in Seattle?
A: The upcoming Kalachakra ceremony in Seattle will be personally presided over the Grand Master Lu. We, of course, welcome your participation, so together we can benefit from the Dharma teachings and blessings.

Q: Will one be able to request for Kalachakra Empowerment in writing?
A: No. Kalachakra Empowerment has to be conferred personally by Grand Master Lu.

Q: Will one be able to request for Kalachakra Mantra Chanting Empowerment in writing?
A: Yes, you may request for the Mantra Chanting Empowerment to Grand Master Lu in writing.

Q: Can a True Buddha School Master conduct a Kalachakra Ceremony on his/her own?
A: No. A Kalachakra Ceremony needs to be presided over by Grand Master Lu or conducted in the presence of Grand Master.

Should you have further questions, please contact the True Buddha Foundation. Thank you.

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