Telephone Interview with the USD55 Million Lottery Winners: Lianhua Sommay and Lianhua Yixia

Interviewed by Master Lian Ning, Written by Rev. Lian Yu, Translated by Pemalot

True Buddha disciples Lianhua Sommay and Lianhua Yixia, a husband and wife, last week won the twelve-state Mega Millions Lottery for USD55 millions, the second largest lottery ever won in Washington State. They were seen on the television saying with excitement that they had a strong feeling about winning the lottery. Master Lian Ning, on behalf of the Seattle LSCT Temple, called to congratulate and ask a few questions.

MLN: We heard that you have won such a great prize. On behalf of Grand Master, Grand Madam and everyone at the Seattle LSCT Temple, I would like to congratulate both of you on your winning the lottery. Congratulation!
SOMMAY: We`re very happy! Thank you, thank you everyone.

MLN: Can we talk about it?

MLN: I often see you attending the group practices at the temple, have you taken refuge [in our Root Guru and the True Buddha School]?
SOMMAY: Yes, we have. In 2003 I was lost trying to find a friend`s house, instead I came to the temple. Growing up as a Buddhist, I felt happy to see a temple so I went inside to pay homage. It happened that there was an Emperor Liang Repentance Ceremony the next day so I attended and took refuge after the ceremony. A month later, my wife and son also took refuge in Grand Master. We have been attending the group practice on Saturday evening.

MLN: I heard that you came to the temple when Grand Master conferred the empowerment of Instantaneous Wealth, the Visualization of the Moon Disc and the Visualization of the Seed Syllable `AH`, the three-in-one empowerment. Did you receive the empowerment?
SOMMAY: Yes. We attended the group practice that Saturday [Jun 10]. On that day, Grand Master held a horse in his hand, and on top of the horse there was the syllable `AH`.

MLN: After the empowerment, did you do the practice and make the wish for enrichment and family harmony?
SOMMAY: Every time we practice or at the ceremonies, we always pray to the Buddhas and all the Deities to help us with our health, bestow to us some fortune and wisdom and to always protect us. After taking refuge in Grand Master, we started to practice every morning. We wake at 5am, take showers, my wife will make breakfast and prepare the offering for the Buddhas and the Deities. Then we do the Four Preliminary Practices and chant the Root Guru Mantra together. I recalled not long after taking refuge, I asked the Golden Mother for guidance by throwing the moon-blocks: how many times should I chant the Root Guru Mantra in order to turn my fate around so that I don`t have to worry about our financial situation? The Golden Mother told me to recite at least one hundred thousands times. Therefore, everyday I make time to chant. It was a few years later that I saw Grand Master for the first time after taking refuge. I was so happy seeing him and receiving empowerments personally from him. We are even more diligent in our practice and in our chanting the mantra. It is amazing that as we just finished our one hundred thousand recitations of the Root Guru Mantra that we won the lottery. Truly amazing!!

MLN: Do you buy lottery tickets regularly?
XIA: I buy them every week, sometimes for five dollars, sometimes ten. It depends.

MLN: Everyday you practice and pray whole-heartedly. Do you have any hunches or premonitions prior to winning the lottery?
XIA: It was quite extraordinary! A week before winning the lottery, I had a dream of the Seven Great Buddhas at the temple, the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Protectors and all the Deities, everyone of them was shining radiantly. The golden light shone upon us. I also saw crystal pure and beautiful water in the dream. During those few days, I had a very unusual feeling, I can`t quite describe it, but a sort of feeling that things were going to change, that my destiny would change, in fact, I even had the feeling that we might win the lottery. It was quite remarkable!
The day before the jackpot hit [Oct 16], I dreamed of the Buddhas and all the Deities of the temple again, they were embracing me. I saw Kuan Yin Bodhisattva very clearly, I saw Grand Master emitting radiant light in various colors upon my husband and me. In the dream, we hurriedly paid homage. When we woke up the next day, both my husband and I had a strong feeling that we were going to win. We knew we got to buy lottery tickets that day. Around 3pm, at the counter where we bought the lottery, the salesman repeatedly said: `Hope you win this time!`
SOMMAY: Ever since I got the empowerment for Instantaneous Wealth, I always have this fascinating feeling, as if I would not have to work anymore, that my destiny was changing, a feeling I never had before. Both my wife and I had the same kind of feeling that something good was about to happen to us. Also, the fruit trees in our back yard were loaded with apples, pears, peaches this year, the most we ever had for the past twenty years. Incredible!

MLN: When did you know you won the lottery?
XIA: The following day. We did not check the evening the jackpot hit. The following day at dawn, I dreamed that I was swimming in the middle of a lake surrounded by many fish. In Laos that was a very auspicious sign indicating great fortune. Later, when we found out we hit the jackpot, we were so happy, we screamed and jumped and hugged each other.

MLN: Other than the feeling about winning the lottery, do you have other spiritual responses from your Dharma practices?
XIA: I had a weird problem with my palm, no doctors had been able to cure it for the past 22 years. After taking refuge, doing the practice and praying, it was cured like a miracle. That`s why we have great faith. We know that sincerity brings results.
SOMMAY: After winning the lottery, we still attended the Kalachakra Ceremony at the temple on Oct 21 and the Homa [at the Rainbow Villa] on Oct 22. We really wanted to tell Grand Master that we had won big time but there were so many people around we were not sure if we should say anything. Later at the Rainbow Villa we threw the moon-blocks to ask the Golden Mother, she indicated three times that we should tell. But we couldn`t get close to Grand Master because many people surrounded him.

MLN: Did you know that Grand Master had foretold this earlier? He mentioned during his teachings that the Golden Mother was about to show her majestic power. Grand Master told us to pray more often to the Golden Mother, she is very compassionate and gladly helps anyone who asks. With great faith and sincerity, any wishes will be granted.
SOMMAY: Yes, I heard of it. Every time I see Grand Master I am filled with great joy, I feel so blessed. It is hard to believe that our dream came true. Grand Master, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and the Golden Mother are truly very compassionate and very responsive. We had first-hand experience that with sincerity and great faith, wishes are granted.

MLN: Is there anything else you would like to say?
SOMMAY: Please pass our deepest thanks to Grand Master, Mdm. Lu and everyone at the temple, also we are very grateful to all the Deities for their protection and care. Right now, we are experiencing great changes in our lives. When things settle down we will attend the group practice again. We would love to pay respects to Grand Master and see everyone.

MLN: Thank you for taking the time. Congratulation again, best wishes! Amitabha.

Indeed! Anyone who can whole-heartedly do the Tantric Dharma Practices is very fortunate. Anyone who can Honor the Guru, Treasure the Dharma, and Practice Diligently can have their wishes fulfilled.

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