Kalachakra Specific Precepts

Translated by Faniha
Six Types of Precepts for Upholding Buddhas

1. Upholding Akshobhya:
Generate Bodhicita by committing to attain enlightenment and benefit all sentient beings, act upon the Three Basic Teachings of Buddhism (avoid evils, develop virtues and purify oneself), uphold the vajra scepter, uphold the vajra bell, uphold the mudra of the Buddha`s
body, and revere the Root Guru.

2. Upholding Ratnasambhawa:
Unselfishly contribute one`s own wealth and belongings, apply Buddhadharma to guide and help others, overcome their difficulties and protect their safety.

3. Upholding Vairocana:
Use five meats and five fluids as wondrous potion to assist one`s attainment.

4. Upholding Amoghasiddhi:
Make frequent offerings to the Root Guru and the Three Treasures.

5. Upholding Amitabha:
Guard the leakage of semen (white bodhicitta).

6. Upholding Vajrasattva:
Train in developing the wisdom of non-dualism of emptiness and bliss.

Kalachakra Authentic Twenty-Five Prohibited Conducts

A. Five Primary Prohibitive Conducts (Five Basic Precepts):
1. Killing
2. Stealing
3. Engaging in sexual misconduct
4. Not telling the truth
5. Being intoxicated

B. Five Secondary Prohibitive Conducts:
1. Gambling
2. Earning a living through unvirtuous means
3. Reading or distributing evil materials
4. Killing for the purpose of praying to ancestors or spirits (gods, ghosts, etc.)
5. Believing in deviant teachings or paths

C. Five Severe Killing Ill-deeds:
1. Killing a man
2. Killing a woman
3. Killing a baby
4. Killing a cow
5. Destroying temples, pagodas or buddha statues

D. Five Harming Ill-deeds:
1. Harming a buddha or teacher
2. Harming a sangha member
3. Harming a friend
4. Harming a leader
5. Harming a confidant

E. Five Desirous Ill-deeds:
1. Eyes craving beauty
2. Ears craving beautiful sounds
3. Nose craving nice fragrances
4. Mouth craving good taste
5. Body craving pleasures

Kalachakra Authentic Fourteen Primary Root Infractions

1.Disrespectful towards the lineage Root Guru, disturbing the mind of the Root Guru

2.Deviating from guidance or directives from the Root Guru

3.Creating discord, speaking faults of Vajra brothers and sisters, not cooperating with other Vajra members

4.Lack of compassionate heart towards sentient beings

5.Willingly losing white bodhicita

6.Slandering Mahayana Buddhism and the realization of emptiness through Mahayana practices

7.Revealing Tantra secrets to the unripened practitioners

8.Disregarding the well being of one

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