Chicago Chapter Heartfelt Appreciation Dinner for Grand Master and Grand Madam

Chicago Chapter Heartfelt Appreciation Dinner for Grand Master and Grand Madam
Reported by Rev. Lian You/translated by Sue T

On November 11th 2006 at approximately 730pm , after having performed the Kalachakra Dharma Ceremony, Root Guru Grand Master together with Grand Madam had compassionately accepted the invitation to join the dinner party well attended by 500 dharma member from all over the world

The host for the night offered delicious food; the violin ensemble performance, lucky draws and poem written by Grand Master modified into songs and Buddha praises. The program was well enjoyed by Grand Master and Grand Madam

Fund raising in the form of charity auction for the Statue of the Kalachakra which was displayed in the dharma ceremony and the wealth receipt of the Golden Pond Goddess were very much supported by the audience. The fund raised was to help build the Chicago Chapter Crematory Tomb/Tower.

The lucky draw winner, a dharma brother from Chicago shared his experience that by doing sincere request during the ceremony he confirmed that he ultimately received great response. He hoped that all of us truly respectfully believed in Grand Master, and continued to cultivate the dharma which had passed on to us.

Last but not least, the highlight of the dinner party was the jokes about the parrots and fear of wife by husband shared by Grand Master who had a great sense of humor and gestures which generated on to all of us in the audience.

The party ended with laughter, joys and seeing Grand Master and Grand Madam off with the beautiful melody of dharma chanting in the background.

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