In consideration of Grand Master and Grand Madam`s effort

[Seattle News] translated by Pemalot

Recently, Grand Master and Grand Madam appeared at various True Buddha School temples, chapters and centers around the world, in Taiwan, Hong Kong, England, Canada and of course, USA.

As soon as they heard about Grand Master`s visit, fellow practitioners who were normally busy with their own lives, dropped everything else and showed themselves. After so many years, they really longed to see their beloved guru. They rushed and stumbled; afraid that they would miss out, they pushed forward for blessings. They wanted to ensure that they received the touch of the compassionate hand on the head. They formed a long line, wanting their books or pictures be signed. Masters, leaders of the temples and chapters alike, presented invitations to Grand Master and Grand Madam to visit their places. It is understandable since the appearance of a True Buddha is rare indeed.

The crowd always followed Grand Master. Entering a temple was a challenge. Sometimes Grand Master wanted to look around the center or checked on the feng shui, the crowd was so close by that they blocked Grand Master`s view. Not to mention cameras, recorders, and cell phones were pointed at him at any moment. A little bit of these was fine, but who would be satisfied? Wouldn`t it be nice if the organizer of these events prevented such things to happen? Instead, they could ensure that everyone could hear and see Grand Master in an orderly fashion, perhaps through sound and video broadcast as necessary.

Some chapters, in a mission to build a bigger and grander temple, requested precious items from Grand Master to be auctioned at the fund raising events. Grand Master, true to his nature, always fulfilled the good wishes of his disciples. Paintings, talismans, calligraphies were bestowed. Somehow, these were not enough anymore. They also asked for Grand Master`s Dragon Vest, and not just one vest! Then they also wanted dharma implements. Some even asked Grand Master to imprint his palms and feet. Sadly, it has become the more the better.

Every time Grand Master visited a center, he always bestowed blessings, Dharma teaching, answered questions, and conferred empowerments. There were occasions when the leader of the center asked for ten empowerments at once. Although we believe that this showed a reverence toward Tantric Dharma practices, but please think about it. Each empowerment requires a proper preparation: an appropriate altar and empowerment implement, and whether it is possible to do the practices of so many empowerments at once?

We are extremely grateful that Grand Master, the True Buddha is now with us, turning the Dharma Wheel. Let us generate a heart full of reverence toward our Root Guru, let us all watch our manners toward Grand Master. We should be more considerate in our requests, ask only what we need, whether for blessings, empowerments, or auction items. When we ask for an empowerment, ensure that we are ready. Only this way, the empowerment will take effect.

At any events, ceremonies or teachings, the organizer should closely watch the time and not add extra activities outside the planned schedule. We should allow enough time for Grand Master to rest and have his meals on time. We should never disturb him. As tantric practitioners, let us always keep at heart the ethics and mannerism required to revere a root guru. Let us follow his teachings and not necessarily his physical being.

The way to enlightenment is by upholding the pith-instructions and key-teachings of the root guru. In ancient times, a spiritual seeker climbed high mountains and crossed difficult planes to search for the truth. Once he found a guru, he wholeheartedly served the guru until he obtained a dharma (way to enlightenment). Then he dedicated himself to the practice and retreated from mundane life. At those times, many of them attained high fruition.

In this modern time, it is easy to obtain teachings on the way to enlightenment. But, most people do not treasure it. Even when one can go to a spiritual center and obtain a lineage empowerment for a dharma practice, not many of them actually put it into practice.

Taking refuge in a True Buddha is a very fortunate thing. Being a disciple of Grand Master is indeed a very fortunate thing. We hope that each True Buddha School disciple can always Honor the Guru, Treasure the Dharma, and Cultivate Diligently.

We hope that each of us can put our best foot forward in helping Grand Master to turn the dharma wheel. We hope that the dharma propagators and center leaders take great considerations of their actions, so that Grand Master and Grand Madam can continue in their efforts to help sentient beings in needs. Let us be compassionate toward those who have not come across the teachings and those who have not been liberated. Let us consider the welfare of True Buddha School, so that it can continue to lead the way to enlightenment. This would be the greatest merit of all.

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