April 19, 2020, Rainbow Temple, “Heart-to-Heart with the Buddha” series

April 19, 2020, Rainbow Temple,
“Heart-to-Heart with the Buddha” series

On 19 April 2020, upon arrival at Rainbow Temple, Grandmaster and Shimu went to the Main Hall to pay homage to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Grandmaster also blessed the Year Guardian's (Tai Sui) Shrine which was set up recently, as well as the "Lamps of Longevity" and "Lamps of Brilliance".

We welcome everyone from all over the world to register for Rainbow Temple's Year Guardian and the "Lamps of Longevity" and "Lamps of Brilliance". Everyone will receive our Root Guru's lineage blessings for brilliance, auspiciousness and wish-fulfilment.

At 3 pm, the much-awaited webcast took place. When Grandmaster and Shimu arrived at the Homa Hall, they saw a huge TV monitor featuring teleconferencing feeds of many disciples who were waiting to greet them.

Grandmaster and Shimu stood in front of the TV monitor for some time and welcomed everyone happily. Everyone responded in kind, as they were excited to see the homely smiles of Grandmaster and Shimu.

After the supreme Homa ceremony of the Natural Disaster Eradication Tara, Grandmaster walked to the Twin Lotus Pond to pay respects to Avalokitesvara and Maitreya.

Everyone was full of wonder at today's discourse, because the answers that Grandmaster provided in the Q&A session were exquisite. Everyone felt that Grandmaster is like a living gem trove, full of unlimited Buddha-dharma treasures.

Upon returning to the Main Hall, Grandmaster suggested doing some exercises and promptly demonstrated the Taiji Fists. The rendition of the Taiji Fists was also an act of blessing by Grandmaster. Holding Qi at the dantien, Grandmaster performed the Taiji Fists with great strength, yet with underlying gentleness. The fluid movements could be described as a smooth interplay of Qi and vitality; only a maestro like Grandmaster could accomplish such nimbleness in fist execution.

We would like to thank Grandmaster and Shimu for tirelessly coming to Rainbow Temple. We are grateful to Grandmaster for sparing no effort in Buddha-dharma propagation, and this benevolence is something that we will remember eternally.

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