The Three Turns of the Dhrama Wheel by Buddha (Aug 8, 2007)

On August 5th 2007, His Holiness Living Buddha Grand Master; the root guru of the True Buddha School, with great compassion had accepted the invitation from the disciples to personally conduct the Golden Pond Mother Puja (Fire) Offering Ceremony in Rainbow Villa. In attendance were ShiMu Master Lian Xiang, Master LianYin, Master LianHua DeHui, Master LianJie, Master LianNing, Master LianWang, Master LianWen, Master LianGao , Master LianZhi and senior reverends, reverends and dharma members from around Seattle and Canada.

It was a sunny day at the Rainbow Villa; the crowd arrived at the villa shortly after mid day. The usual quiet surrounding was soon filled with busy traffic flow of people and cars. The crowd spread around to help setting up items for the fire offerings, setting up equipment for photography. Some were doing meditation and chanting sutra , others were paying homage to the Buddha.

Grand Master accompanied by the disciples, arrived at the fire offering altar just before 3pm. He addressed everyone with good will message. At 3 pm sharp, Grand Master ascended to the royal seat and began the blessings for supplicants and participants. The ignition of the fire indicated the commencement of the Puja ceremony. The crowd joined in the chanting melody, and the gentle movement and transformation of mudra executed by Grand Master enabled the cultivators to merge themselves into the purified Puja ceremony. The fire offering altar centre had transformed to a mystical Golden Pond Mother environment, all suffering and despair were converted to serenity.

After the ceremony, Grand Master began the dharma talk in relation to asceticism. When Buddha first turned the Dharma Wheel, the preaching was about the Four Noble Truths (suffering, accumulation, elimination and enlightenment path) and the Twelve Nidanas. It was about Existence philosophy which is represented by Abhidharma-Kosa-Sastra (俱舍論 ). The second turn of the Dharma Wheel by Buddha led to the dharma talk of Prajna Paramita (Buddha Wisdom) and Formlessness. The main sutra for this doctrine is the Sutra of the Heart Prajna and Manjusuri Bodhisattva was the symbolic Bodhisattva. The third turn of the Dharma Wheel by Buddha was the preaching of the doctrine of Existence and Formlessness and the main sutra was Sandhinirmocana Sutra. Mitreya Bodhisattva was the representative.

The realm of Dhukha (ascetism) may only lead one to Arhat. Wealth, desire, fame, food and sleeping involved with a lot of suffering. Arhat cultivator would not beg for these five desires. Grand Master asked if all had delightful attitude when doing cultivation. One must appreciate the wisdom and formlessness of Buddha. Formlessness evolved from possession; the two are inseparable. All cultivators who vow to attain Bodhicitta Mind must learn from Manjusuri Bodhisattva and Mitreya Bodhisattva.

Grandmaster confirmed that shortly after the fire offering ceremony, the Golden Pond Mother had emitted light to bless all the cultivators for elimination of suffering, enhancement of prosperity or rewards , respect and love, subjugation and Bardo deliverance. This is evident that Bodhisattvas stay with us at all times and with sincere request one will be blessed.

After the fire ceremony, Grand Master with great passion again gave blessings to all the participants. The crowd helped to clear and tidy the surrounding of the altar. Later, many dharma members performed various shows at Rainbow Villa. It was definitely a memorable and happy time.

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