True Buddha School`s Lineage Robes

In recent Saturday dharma talks on the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch, Grand Master alluded to Sixth Patriarch`s enlightenment being affirmed by the Fifth Patriarch and the presentation of a robe as a lineage token. Since the beginning of the lecture on the Platform Sutra, Grand Master had been encouraging all TBS students to contemplate and examine their heart-mind. Motivated by the Grand Master, students from all over the world sent in apprehensions they attained. These creme de la creme of students resembled ten thousand arrows discharged at once, with some very close to hitting the bull`s-eye, and there are indeed ones that are already on the doorstep of cultivating to enlightenment.

Thus, Grand Master specifically indicated, if someone actually grasps the insight Buddha attained under the Bodhi Tree, He would ask to see this person and ask him, ``Why did you say that?`` If this person could provide an explanation that adheres to the truth of enlightenment; and with Grand Master’s approval, this person has attained full awakening, Grand Master will then present him a lineage robe as a token of affirmation. Grand Master has one robe from Guru Thubten Taerchi, two from Guru Sakya Zheng-Kong, and one from 100th Ganden Tripa Lobsang Nyima. Grand Master intends to grant these robes to those True Buddha practitioners who have truly reached full awakening.

Grand Master added, ``enlightenment`` cannot be expressed but only corroborated. When one reaches enlightenment, one acquires the Tathagata wisdom and the ability to end all sufferings and transcend rebirth. A Vajrayana practitioner who can grasp what Shakyamuni Buddha realized upon His full awakening will have Buddha`s strength to sustain the dharma aspiration, upon transfiguring as the personal deity, radiate light and exercise the power to fulfill the deliverance of sentient beings, and reach omnipotence and gain eternal life - to indeed live the most rewarding life.


Translated by Peggie Ng
Proofread by Ameli Chiang
Edited by Morgan Chiu
True Buddha Translation Teams (TBTTs)

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