(2009-04-19) Grand Master Conducted the Usnisa Vijaya Homa at Rainbow Temple

Things manifested with yin and young (陰陽) within the universe, and they consist good and evil. Do you know how to eradicate your own tragedies and obstacles?

After His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-Sheng, the root guru of the True Buddha School, conducted the Usnisa Vijaya (佛頂尊勝佛母) Homa at Rainbow Temple on April 19, 2009, Grand Master continued lecture on the Fourth Chapter of Hevajra Dharma (喜金剛講議第四章). Grand Master indicated that Buddha elegance is a representation of Buddha strong dignified demeanor. It happens when one is able to unite with Buddha, and then the Buddha elegance will become very solid and firm. When a Dharma practitioner is able to maintain his/her solid Buddha elegance, never to forget his/her personal divinity, sustain the unity of his/her personal divinity in daily activities, and envision his/her Vajra protectors sitting on top of crown chakra, he/she can evade disaster, black magic, and exorcize evil influences. This means nothing can harm the Dharma practitioner (carefree from hundred of poisons), and he/she can eliminate his/her hindrances and black karmas.

The day filled with clear and boundless sky and the sunshine was beautiful; together with different colored oriental cherry blooms at Rainbow Temple, formed enjoyable scenery. Before the fire offering ceremony, Grand Master administered a simple monkhood ordination ritual for Reverend Hong Yuan (弘緣法師) from Taiwan, and then bestowed her a new True Buddha School Dharma name, Reverend Lian Trun (蓮幢法師). Grand Master compassionately reminded her that being a reverend in True Buddha School, one needs to follow the precepts from Hinayana (Scripture Buddhism), but play the role as a Mahayana Bodhisattva. Grand Master added, he hope she can handle the main stream of preaching, try her best to diligently attain awakening, and widely advocate teachings to all sentient beings. Grand Master then asked Reverend Lian Trun: ``You are already a monk in Hinayana, why are you asking for renunciation vow in Vajrayana practice?`` Reverend Lian Trun replied: ``Endeavor refinement in cultivation.`` Grand Master humorously expressed with Buddha wisdom that being a Buddhist Reverend and then getting another ordination is like putting a head on top of an existing head. It is acceptable in Vajrayana because Thousand-armed, Thousand-eyed Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (千手千眼觀世音菩薩) has eleven heads. Dharma King Grand Master encouraged Reverend Lian Trun to use her two heads and transform them to her personal divinity, and from today on, the number of sentient beings sermonized from her teachings can double in size.

Grand Master then performed the Bodhisattva ordination vow for four of the disciples from Holland. Grand Master sincerely lectured the ordained disciples that it is easy to acknowledge the Bodhisattva precepts, but it is very difficult to actually pursue the commandments of these precepts. Bodhisattva means one needs to have immense heart, and immense heart means supreme (immeasurable) heart, boundless heart. The combined practice of outer and inner six principles (外六度,內六度) of Buddhism is equivalent to a Bodhisattva. Being a Bodhisattva from the surface is using the spirit of outer six principles to do things, and being a Bodhisattva from the inside is to activate its inner heart to have unlimited boundary. Doing so, one can become a true Bodhisattva.

Ceremony ended with Grand Master transmitted the empowerment of Usnisa Vijaya to all participants.

At last, after the performances, when Grand Master was about the leave the main hall, a Dharma disciple sincerely kneeled and prayed to Grand Master to conduct Ucchusma (穢跡金剛大權神王佛) Homa on April 26, 2009. Grand Master permitted the request from disciple. Disciples applauded with happiness and joy. The infinite benevolence and love between teacher and students fulfilled the atmosphere. The day ended with harmony and spontaneous joy.

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