(2009-04-25) Grand Master Continued Lecture on The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch - Prajna Pr

His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-Sheng and ShiMu attended and blessed Yellow Jambhala (黃財神本尊法) group cultivation on Saturday, April 25, 2009. Almost two hundred participants came to support the group cultivation led by Master Lian Wang. These participants composed of Masters, Senior Reverends, Reverends, and Dharma members from United States, Canada, Singapore, Holland, and Indonesia.

Before the group cultivation, there held the 24th Reverends graduation ceremony. Master Lian Wang handed graduation certificates to graduate reverends, Lian An, Lian Lai, Lian Ying, Lian Mei, and Lian Ye.

Reverend Lian Mei gave her disclosure after the group cultivation: Be a Happy Dharma Practitioner and Auspicious Reponses from Practicing Golden Mother Dharma. Thereafter, Master Lian Wang lectured: Cultivators Need Always Remember Their Origin, for example, thinking about the origin of water one is about to drink, and Be Grateful to People Who Helped You Before.

Grand Master then continued lecture on The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch (六祖壇經). His Holiness Hui Neng, who became the great Sixth Patriarch of Ch’an (Japanese Zen), indicated in the Prajna Sutra (般若品):

Learned Audience, what is Prajna? It means wisdom in Tang (唐) dynasty. At all times, at all places, free from stupidity, practice Prajna (transcendental wisdom) diligently, then it is the Practicing of Prajna Wisdom (般若行).

Grand Master said Prajna is the true enlightenment; the achievement is above and beyond. If at all times and at all places, a cultivator can steadily keep his/her thought free from foolishness, desire, and delusion, then it is the act of practicing Prajna wisdom, a true cultivation.

Grand Master gave verification to a disciple from Holland, Lian Hwa De Shian, as one who has attained enlightenment. Grand Master awarded Lian Hwa De Shian his Dragon Vest.

After the group cultivation, loving-kindness Grand Master blessed the great compassion water and Buddha statues. Grand Master transmitted empowerment to new converted disciples, afterward blessed kneeled disciples before leaving the main hall.

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