(2009-05-14) Grand Master`s Thailand and Cambodia Travel Journal Series Report Number Three: Smiling

Combodia`s local custom and tight scheduled series of entertainments that were completely different from normal gave us an out of the ordinary experience. We regrouped after lunch nap, getting ready for the second half of this `extremely hot roasting` wicked ordeal. Even Grand Master said to everyone, with a forceful teasing smile, before departure: `Okay! After nap, we are going to suffer again....`

The Winding Changeable Clouds Became our Biggest `Sun-Blocking Umbrella`....

What a surprise?! Walking out of the hotel, everyone astonishingly felt the weather was a little bit different from the morning steamy warmth. Wow! Looking up the sky, there were affectionate sun-blocking clouds overhead. The winding and changeable cloud tails were giving us the hello waves. Finally, we could rest our hands under this natural sun-blocking umbrella after a whole morning of fabricating winds with fans or hats.

`Smiling Cambodia` versus `Smiling Ghost King`

First picture in Chinese version: Grand Master Showing the `Smiling Ghost King` on his Thumb Before the Famous `Smiling Cambodia`

Afternoon`s trip was visiting the most famous `Smiling Cambodia` of Bayon in Angkor Thom. The temple was hosting 49 face towers of Mahabrahma (四面佛, many call it the faces of Lokesvara). Passing through the entrance, we saw massive of secretive smiling giant stone faces looking down at us. Many archaeologist scholars to the conclusion that the faces are representations of Jayavarman VII (國王加亞華曼七世) himself and Shakyamuni Buddha (佛陀). The most beyond comprehension was the secretive smiling stone face that has kept untouched, the well known `Smiling Cambodia`.

In the past, learning Bayon only from reading or watching photos on television; therefore, everyone treasured this opportunity to take pictures before the carving stones. Grand Master humorously said, `Bayon has `Smiling Cambodia`, and I have `Smiling Ghost King`!` At the same time, raised his thumb and showed everyone the face of this Ghost King (鬼王印記). Many of the accompanied members have read about the `Smiling Ghost King` from Grand Master`s book are finally getting the opportunity to actually see it (Lushan true face, 盧山真面目) today. Everyone came close to Grand Master with eyes widely opened and pulled long necks. Looks like the scale of the `Smiling Ghost King`s` human spirit (笑面鬼王的人氣指數) is exceeding the `Smiling Cambodia`!

`Magnificent Beauty` and `Exquisite Beauty` A Perfect Union

Another attraction among the Angkor ruins besides the `Smiling Cambodia` in Bayon is the only architecture built for Buddhism. Touring through Bayon, one can enjoy the magnificent beauty of the 49 face towers of Mahabrahma (四面佛); besides that, there are stone wall carvings depicting of Angkorian Khmer everyday life and military historical events. Although these carvings have been through eight hundreds years of erosion, preserving till now, they are still very lifelike. From here, we learned the local lifestyle and felt the sign of impermanent from looking at the remnant columns.

Second picture in Chinese version: Bayon has Total of 49 Face Towers Representing Jayavarman VII (國王加亞華曼七世). This One is the Only Untouched Carving and the Most Famous One.

To Deploying Soldiers in the Sky, the Subtle Trace of Interaction

After completing Angkor Thom adventure, we continued to the Elephant Fighting Stage (鬥象台), where Angkor King used to select his sitting, and also visited the Twelve Sign of the Zodiac Tower (十二生肖塔), which has the same view as the Chinese Birth Sign (中國生肖). Walking on the small yet broad plain ground that has no covers, everyone felt noticeable changes in weather; there were cool breeze passing through from time to time. All of sudden everyone remembered this morning Grand Master has mentioned during chatting, ` Only if we can borrow the east wind from Kong Ming; even just few clouds`; that holds power! The Dharma protectors and local deities may be busy moving soldiers and making changes for this Very Important Person (VIP, 貴客) from far.

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