Saturday, September 12, 2009`s exposition by Grand Master: ``Broadening the heart in all ten directi

On September 12, 2009, a group cultivation was held at Ling Shen Ching Tze temple. Grand Master, His Holiness, the Living Buddha Lian-Sheng personally gave blessing and an exposition on the Dharma. Even after the September-5th Ceremonial Assembly has ended, numerous devotees and disciples from all over the world had stayed after for this group cultivation longing to hear Grand Master’s teaching and to bask in the radiance of Buddhas. Over 300 devotees had completely jammed into the main Rainbow Temple hall and the two annexed offices. Crowds of people were bustling everywhere and were all blissful of Dharma.

In this evening, the group cultivation was led by Vajra Acharya Master, Shi Lian-Chuan and a short exposition was given thereafter by Dharma Instructor, Lian-Jin. The Dharma Instructor thanked the Grand Master at heart for the transmission of Maha Mayuri’s Tantric Dharma in the latest ceremonial assembly, and thanked all the fellow devotees and disciples who were Boddhi-mind-motivated and hardworking in volunteering that made the ceremony satisfactory and successful. Vajra Achara Master, Shi Lian-Chuan said in his exposition, ”An all-embracing heart without differentiation”, an underlying principle suggesting that True Buddha disciples should not differentiate among True Buddha establishments; True Buddha disciples should not differentiate between ”you” and ”me.”

Grand Master continued his exposition on ”The Altar Sutra Spoken by the 6th Patriarch”, Chapter 2: ”When Mahayanists and the most exalted Mahayanists hear about the Vajracchedika (Diamond Sutra) their minds become enlightened; they know that Prajna is immanent in their Essence of Mind and that they need not rely on scriptural dogma, since they can make use of their own wisdom by constant practice of contemplation. The Prajna immanent in the Essence of Mind of every one may be likened to the rain, the moisture of which refreshes every living being, trees and plants as well as sentient beings. When rivers and streams reach the sea, the water carried by them merges into one body; this is another analogy to Prajna intrinsic in the Essence of Mind.”
Grand Master said farther, the enlightened disciples must check regularly their own behavior in terms of action, speech and intention against the norms of behavior born of an enlightened person.

An enlightened person is a spotlight of all the people and has to be assessed and thus be approved of by them. Grand Master also taught attending devotees and disciples that ”heaven and earth are of the same root; all things are one body; all sentient beings are equal and not differentiated, therefore all people are Buddhas. ” Grand Master encouraged all disciples and devotees have to persevere in their endeavor till spiritual enlightenment and accomplishment are achieved.

After the group cultivation, the compassionate Grand Master sanctified Buddha statues and the Great Compassion water and bestowed refuge empowerment on new initiates. Upon leaving the temple, Grand Master also bless-empowered all attending devotees and disciples by palming their heads. All devotees and disciples were blissful of Dharma and faithfully accepting and committing to implement the teachings professed by Grand Master, and bade farewell to one another satisfied.

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