Grand Master, the Living Buddha Lian Sheng conducted a Padmaksambhava Homa Ceremony attended persona

On September 13, 2009, at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon, Grand Master, His Holiness, the Living Buddha Lian Sheng presiding over the Rainbow Temple in metropolitan Seattle area, had ministered a unique Padmaksambhava Homa ceremony. In addition to the Homa ceremony, empowerment of the same and refuge were also given. True Buddha disciples and devotees of the four groups had come far from all over the world to participate and uphold the ceremony including Bardo Deliverance.

The True Buddha disciples and devotees (who had attended the recent Maha Mayuri Deity Ceremony earlier this month) from abroad had lingered on till the end of this Homa Ceremony, had finally and ambivalently resolved to leave the metropolitan Seattle area for their own country. Upon igniting the fire in the Homa hearth, along with a brief yet energetic chanting of the mantra ``Om Vajra Guru Pedma Siddhi Hum Seh``, the sound of which reverberated throughout the Homa Ceremonial Hall and the expanse of the Dharma realms. An internet simulcast and real-time broadcast system was installed to broadcast the event live to True Buddha followers throughout the whole world. True Buddha devotees and disciples in and out of the presence of Grand Master throughout the whole world were able to synchronize to the rhythm and tempo of Grand Master`s execution of mudras in a succession, as well as tuning into the heart of Guru Padmaksambhava and into the flaring and flickering flames of the Homa hearth. Upon final dedication of merits, Grand Master beseeched Guru Padmaksambhava to bless all the registered followers in terms of purification, enhancement, enthrallment, and subjugation (息增懷誅), removal of illness caused by transgression, eradication of calamity and transmigration of disembodied souls into the Pure Land of Buddhas, and finally all was auspicious and satisfactorily complete.
After the ceremony, Grand Master elaborated in his exposition that after Buddha had entered the state of Parinirvana , Padmasambhava was the first original Vajrayana Buddhism master to have come along, and Reverend Master Ananda was the person to shaved and ordained Padmasambhava. Guru Padmasambhava is a combined emanation of Amitabha Buddha, Sakaymuni Buddha, and Avalokitesvara in terms of body, speech and mind. Therefore, his root is identical to that of Amitabha Buddha, Sakaymuni Buddha, and Avalokitesvara. His Pure Land is Uddiyana(烏藏那) which was also his birthplace as well as a home to many Dakinis. When the radiance of Guru Padmasambhava is cast upon sentient beings, all shall be rid of the lower modes of birth, namely, egg-born, spawn-born, and womb-born (卵、濕、胎生), and that they will be transmigrated to the Maha Twin Lotus Pond and become Padmakumaras.

Recently, a True Buddha Acharya Master visited the 314th grotto of the Dun-Huang Grottoes of the majestic Mogao Grottoes in Kan Xu Province of People`s Republic of China (甘粛省酒泉市轄敦煌市之莫高敦煌石窟第314窟), has found the trace and evidence of pre-existence of Padmakumara on the fresco. Other grottoes were also found to have Padmakumaras on their frescoes, as well as a sutra sermonized by Buddha`s ``Transformation-Born Padmakumara as Spoken by Buddha``, which was ardently brought back to Grand Master in metro Seattle area as an offering. All the subjects in the sutra are about Padmakumara. Therefore, in the light of the evidence, Padmakumara was indeed authentic and existent; it is not something fabricated out of thin air.

Following that, Grand Master continued on with exposition on the book ``Emptiness within the Great Bliss`` by Shri Hevajra. As Hevajra performed Kamamudra with his consort, Buddha-Mother, in the blazing flame, vulnerability to spawn-born reincarnation was thus eliminated. Hevajra then descended the Great Eight Luminous Energy Drops to the sacrum chakra and transferred into the sacrum chakra entry point of the Selfless-Mother, which in turn were transformed into Eight Great Female Consorts. The Kamamudra in the blazing flame can eliminate vulnerability to womb-born reincarnation completely. The white ``Hum`` Pali character at the heart chakra of Hevajra combined with the ``Ah`` Pali character at the heart chakra of the ``Selfless-Mother`` and the Pali character in each of the Eight Great Female Consorts at heart chakra, had thus cast the Immeasurable Light (or Great Prajna Light) upon all sentient beings. In turn, the affected sentient beings then transformed into ``Hevajras``, and eliminated vulnerability to egg-born reincarnation as a result. The Eight Great Female Consorts were, in essence, morphed and emanated from Hevajra.

The head of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Consular Dong-Zhou Liao and Departmental Supervisor had also participated the Homa Ceremony. Consular Liao said in his formal address that he felt very fortunate to be able to partake of the Homa Ceremony conducted by Grand Master. He also mentioned in the last fund-raising event, there were nearly 200 hundred people participated, and that Grand Master, Shimu, Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple and Sheng-Yen Lu Charity Fund Foundation have together and altruistically donated $80,000 USD to Taiwan`s Morakto Typhoon disaster relief effort, and he hence felt deeply grateful. Consular Liao also said that Grand Master has already attained a ``Non-Abiding`` spiritual state, and that with a few (Koan) stanzas sentient beings can be guided to enlightenment. He added, all those sentient beings who have access to discourses by the highly attained spiritual master are indeed the most fortunate people on the Dharma path.

After the ceremony ended, True Buddha followers entertained Grand Master with prepared performances as a way to express gratitude for Grand Master`s compassion to indiscriminately redeem all sentient beings without any exception, as well as for his immeasurable grace upon all sentient beings.

Finally, Grand Master blessed the attending guests, followers and laity with a vigorous performance of Tai-Chi martial art form.

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