Sheng Ji Ceremony on Sep. 20, 2015

[TBSN Special Edition] On Sep. 20, 2015 The Root Guru of True Buddha School H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu
personally conducted the Sheng Ji (Life Essence Burial) Ceremony
at Rainbow Temple!

[Reported by Vajra Master Shi Liandian at Seattle, Translated by TBTTs]
On the 20th of September, 2015, shortly after lunch, Living Buddha Lian-sheng promptly conducted Sheng Ji (Life Essence Burial) Ceremony. The ceremony began by Grandmaster lighting incense to purify the area, invoking principal deities, and sprinkling rice in the four directions; this was followed by the reverends burning joss papers, placing the red envelopes containing 'life essences' into the burial pit, ... and so on. Each and every step of the sadhana was conducted with solemnity and grandeur.

Finally, Living Buddha Lian-sheng led the public in shouting: ''Prosperity! Prosperity! Prosperity!'' The shouting of ''Prosperity!'' by fellow disciples instantly turned thunderous, and thus concluded this perfect and auspicious Sheng Ji Ceremony!

This year disciples who registered for the Sheng Ji Ceremony were very enthusiastic. The land on which Rainbow Temple is built is an ideal location for the Life Essence Burial.

In the midst of burning the joss paper, the strong spiritual energy emanating from the excellent earth qi sent the joss papers soaring up as high as the lofty pine trees. A spectacularly momentous sight indeed!

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