The 4th Annual Malaysia National Offering to Sangha Ceremony

【TBSN Special News】The Federation of True Buddha School Malaysia Held ''The 4th Annual Malaysia National Offering to Sangha Ceremony'' and ''Supplicating the Buddha to Remain in the World Shakyamuni Buddha Homa Ceremony.''

[Master Shi Liandian Reporting, Translated by TBTTs]

On Oct. 18, 2015, under the arrangement of the Federation of True Buddha School the 4th annual ''Malaysia National Offering to Sangha Ceremony'' and ''Supplicating the Buddha to Remain in the World Shakyamuni Buddha Homa Ceremony'' was held grandly at the True Buddha School ''Peace and Tranquility Senior Rest Home'' in Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia.

Vajra Master Shi Lianning of the True Buddha School was cordially invited and conducted this 4th annual event. Additionally, 20 native and foreign Vajra Masters were invited to attend. More than 100 True Buddha School reverends as well as about 30 Buddhist monks from Southern Buddhism, Northern Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism were also present. Moreover, representatives from many Malaysian chapters as well as about 3,000 Buddhist disciples from all areas were also in attendance. The entire audience mutually witnessed the True Buddha School Malaysian disciples' protection of the Buddha's precious teachings, the protection of the sangha as well as their offering of mind to the Buddhist sangha.

Prior to the offerings to sangha ceremony, the Malaysian Dade Buddhist College offered a week of ''Buddhist Education Programs'' at the same location. Seven True Buddha School Masters, Master Lianning, Master Lianman, Master Lianchuan, Master Lianyi, Master Liandian, Master Lianlai, and Master Lianmi, were invited to teach the courses. About 200 native and foreign True Buddha School reverends, dharma instructors, dharma assistants, disciples etc. participated in these educational programs.

At the completion of the programs, all the students shared what they had learned. Besides giving thanks for the great blessings of the Root Guru, they also thanked all the masters who taught the classes for their obtaining of many unexpected dharma treasures from these Buddhist teachings, returning with fruitful results, and bringing the greatest happiness to all. They are all highly anticipating next year's Buddhist educational classes and events.

This time, the National Offerings to Sangha Ceremony was honored to have the presence of and a speech by Heng Seai Kie, Wanita MCA Chief and Special Adviser to Malaysia Prime Minister for the Implementation of the National Unity Blueprint. After her encouraging speech, she also offered monetary donation to the Peace and Tranquility Senior Rest Home as an inspiring gift. To express appreciation, Master Liantai, the Chairman of the Federation of True Buddha School Malaysia representing True Buddha School, presented her with books and drawings by Living Buddha Lian-sheng.

With the powerful blessings of the lineage Root Guru, buddhas, and bodhisattvas, this year's activities of ''Buddhism Education Programs,'' ''National Offering to Sangha Even,'' ''Homa Ceremony to Supplicate the Buddha to Remain in the World,'' and ''Goodwill Night'' were a complete success!

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