February 23, 2020, Rainbow Temple, Ushnishavijaya Buddha-Mother Homa Ceremony

February 23, 2020, Rainbow Temple, Ushnishavijaya Buddha-Mother Homa Ceremony
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Lamdre Exposition by Dharma King Lian-sheng
Summary of Dharma Talk

On February 23, 2020, Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng presided over the Ushnishavijaya Buddha-Mother homa ceremony.

Ushnishavijaya Buddha-Mother originates from the combined boundless lights from the crown of Shakyamuni Buddha.

The transmission of the Ushnishavijaya dharma debuted on September 12-13,1998 in Meydenbauer Center in Seattle. The ceremony at that time was presided over by Master Lian Yin on behalf of the Dharma King. The Dharma King once said, “The Ushnishavijaya mantra represents all kinds of supreme and unparalleled merits, let alone the mudra. There are visualization and complete practice procedures as well. These make the dharma even more complete. The Ushnishavijaya Uncommon dharma’s merits are also miraculous. Sentient beings who practice the dharma can gain longevity and blessings, eradicate the evil karma pertaining to the realms of Hell, Hungry Ghosts and Animals, remove all primordial karmic hindrances, and eradicate samsaric disasters. Practitioners with the affinity to obtain the dharma should treasure the dharma.”

The Dharma King also talked about the history of Tibet. There was a time when the situation was tense due to partisan politics. The Ninth Panchen (who was pro-China) was trying to avoid perceived persecution from the Thirteenth Dalai Lama (who was pro-Britain). He had to go through trials and tribulations and traipse all kinds of terrains such as mountains and rivers to reach Beijing. When the political situation stabilized in Tibet, he returned to Tibet, and passed by Yushu City in Qinghai -- it was here that the Ninth Panchen transmitted the Kalachakra dharma to Master Sakya Zhen Kong, our True Buddha School's lineage patriarch. Not only that, the Ninth Panchen specially bestowed the empowerment of Ushnishavijaya dharma upon Master Sakya Zhen Kong; the latter then transmitted the dharma to Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng.

The Dharma King said, “This is the reason why I am sharing this portion of Tibet's history, so that everyone is aware that the Ushnishavijaya dharma came from our lineage patriarch, Master Sakya Zhen Kong.

“The practitioner of the Ushnishavijaya dharma will be able to eradicate his sufferings pertaining to the realms of the Yama King, Hell, Animals, and Hungry Ghosts – to the extent that all sufferings are completely gone.”

The Dharma King praised the Ushnishavijaya mantra for its powers. The practitioner who chants the mantra will not be born in the three evil realms, and can get rebirth [in the pure land].

In addition, after chanting the Dharani mantra 21 times over a lump of soil, the practitioner can then sprinkle the blessed soil onto the grave of the dead; the spirit of the dead can rise to heaven. This mantra has such powers. Moreover, the Ushnishavijaya stupa can fortify [a place] against typhoons, earthquakes, raging fires and floods. The external and internal calamities of earth, water, fire and wind can be fortified against by Ushnishavijaya Buddha-Mother.

The Dharma King continued with the discourse of the Lamdre.

The Dharma King explained, in the spiritual cultivation process, it is common to get disturbances from the demons. However, when one is spiritually awakened, one will not be influenced by the demons. The Dharma King said, “The demons will not be able to comprehend what awakenment is about. Also, when you are sleeping, the demons will enter your dream and cause disturbances.”

The Dharma King advised that during meditation, if one were to see the Yidam, one must chant the mantra or the secret name of the Yidam. The Dharma King emphasized, “You must remember one thing: if you have awakened realization, you must be able to discern whether a demon is talking to you or whether it is the real Yidam instructing you. Use the mantra or the secret name to discern.”

The Dharma King added, “Sometimes, we must not believe in many things easily. We must ensure that a kind of validation or verification process takes place.” The Dharma King emphasized that after achieving awakenment, the Guru and the Yidam will bestow supreme assurance of future Buddhahood upon the practitioner; at this time, the practitioner must also pray to achieve attainment in the future.

The Dharma King reiterated, “Remember, if you were to ask the demon [about the secret name], and if it doesn’t answer you, then you must be on the alert and remind yourself to let it be. Ignoring [the demon] is the best way to go forward.”

After the discourse, the Dharma King bestowed the empowerment of the Ushnishavijaya dharma on everyone. All ended well.

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