Thanksgiving with Grand Master at the Seattle LSCT Temple

Reported by Ven. Bi Yan/translated by Sue T

The presence of Grand Master and Grand Madam at the Thanksgiving Day dinner party was a dream come true for many disciples at the Seattle Temple. For the past six years, they had longed and prayed for such a significant event to occur. The masters, dharma educators and monks and nuns from around the world attended this special gathering. The highlight of the night was the reminiscing happy moments enjoyed by everyone.

The library of the temple was meticulously decorated and by 6pm the layout on the table included more than seventy of the best cuisines and ninety prizes. Everyone had a joyful feeling and smiling face when lined up to welcome Grand Master.

During dinner, gift exchange was carried out in the form of lucky number draw. Grand Master picked number 61; which was a jingle bell candy tray. The dharma member who provided this prize was extremely happy and grateful that such an opportunity was granted to her. She commented this was the greatest fortune received. Grand Madam also brought in many precious gifts for the lucky draws.

After dinner, everyone gathered in the main hall. It started with a stroll after dinner, then music was played and people joined in the macarina, chicken, Japanese and Hawaiian dances. Grand Master followed by performing his one and only Vajra-fist martial art. Both the gazes of the spectators and camera flashes followed the magnificent body movements of our Grand Master.

Some dharma members showed their expertise by performing various martial arts and kung fu. Grand Master later demonstrated various skills and actions in a distinguished military style. Other performances included dances, exercises, singing and modeling which were performed as offerings to the Buddhas. Masters and dharma members sang a song `Listening mindfully to my inner voice` which its lyrics were inspired by Grand Master. It moved people in such a way that their beliefs towards Grand Master were strengthened.

The songs of `Impermanence` and `Transfer of Light` were played towards the end of the party. It felt like going back to New Year`s ceremony dinner party in 2000. Everyone was grateful of Grand Master`s commitment, dedication and hardship in guiding the sentient beings.

The party lasted for three hours and forty minutes and it was definitely a memorable evening for all, just like the verse in Grand Master`s book ``Your greeting is wind, my transferring merit is raindrops , wish for peaceful and tranquil life?? Pray for longevity for all of us, so that our paths will cross again``

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