January 25, 2020, Padmasambhava Group Cultivation Session

January 25, 2020, Padmasambhava Group Cultivation Session
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On the first day of the lunar new year in 2020, the hustle and bustle in Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple contributed to lively vibes in the area. True Buddha disciples from the US and all over the world -- Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Taiwan, California, Indonesia -- came to celebrate the Spring festival with Grandmaster. It was a joyous occasion, as everyone treasured the get-together with Grandmaster.

The group cultivation session of Padmasambhava took place at 8pm, with everyone focused on chanting the mantras and sutras. Upon completion, Grandmaster wished everyone good health, happiness and a good year ahead. He also hoped that we would be able to gain strength from our spiritual cultivation and eventually attain achievement.

Grandmaster then discoursed on Padmasambhava.

Padmasambhava is known to be the transformation of Shakyamuni Buddha, Amitabha and Avalokitesvara. He is also known to have five principal Buddha-Mothers or consorts, namely, Mandarava from India, Yeshe Tsogyal from Tibet, Kalasiddhi from Nepal, Shakyadevi and Princess Tashi Khyidren from Bhutan.

During his time, Padmasambhava had dedicated his dharma propagation work to succoring all sentient beings. Today, the dharma-propagation work of Padmasambhava can be said to have permeated the whole of Tibet.

Padmasambhava had once instructed Yeshe Tsogyal to find Acharya Salé because the latter would, as her partner in spiritual cultivation, help her activate the Hayagriva altar within her body.

A person has five altars in his or her body -- for instance, the Five Buddhas reside in the five chakras in one’s body. One may make use of the Twin Body Yoga (Yab-yum) to activate the body altars. In fact, Padmasambhava once said, to remove all karmic hindrances, one must take special care to activate the Hayagriva altar and the Puba altar in the body.

During the group cultivation session, Mandarava, Yeshe Tsogyal, Kalasiddhi, Shakyadevi, and Tashi Khyidren appeared and surrounded Padmasambhava. In the cosmic Space above, another 15 Buddha-Mothers appeared, along with the four Shou-Fang Buddha-Mothers, the dakinis of the eight directions, and the devas of the 20 heavens. Indeed, many Buddha-Mothers descended during the practice session.

Padmasambhava is also recognized for his accomplishments in “Non-Leakage” and his validation and comprehension of the nature of emptiness. So, how does one go about understanding emptiness? One can start with the pramanas. These are the “pramana of sutras and doctrines” as expounded by Shakyamuni Buddha, the “pramana of the historical records”, the “pramana of the Guru's pith instructions”, and the “pramana of experiences in spiritual cultivation of the cultivator”.

When a cultivator is in spiritual union with Tao (the Path), he or she is the greatest of all. For example, when one merges with Amitabha, all the Three Sages of the Western World manifest. Now, that’s what we call great!

Next, Grandmaster discoursed on the Lamdre.

To destroy the hindrances created by the ever-strengthening Mara, one must use the powers of meditation [samadhi]. One must remember that such hindrances by Mara are due to the illusion created by one’s own karmic hindrances. In other words, the tainted heart [mind] creates the illusions.

One must realize that the illusionary appearances of Mara are without intrinsic nature. Milarepa was able to destroy Mara's hindrances by regarding such illusions as non-intrinsic in nature.

After the exciting discourse, Grandmaster blessed everyone on the crown. An autograph session took place thereafter to celebrate the launch of Grandmaster’s new book, “#275_Pith Teachings to the Path of Liberation".

The evening ended on a high note, and everyone left the temple with a great sense of joy and fulfilment.

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