January 19, 2020, Red Manohara Vasudhara Homa Ceremony, Rainbow Temple

January 19, 2020, Red Manohara Vasudhara Homa Ceremony, Rainbow Temple
Lamdre Exposition by Dharma King Lian-sheng
Summary of Dharma Talk
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On January 19, 2020, Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng presided over the Red Manohara Vasudhara Homa Ceremony.

The Dharma King first transmitted the dharma of Red Manohara Vasudhara on February 23, 2013, and since then, many True Buddha disciples had been winning lotteries. The Dharma King had also expounded on the pith instructions of the dharma of Red Manohara Vasudhara on a few occasions thereafter.

In the Red Manohara Vasudhara Practice, one forms the Hook Mudra. According to the Dharma King, “The key point is to visualize Red Manohara Vasudhara's hook moving while one's mudra's hook is also moving. These two movements signify the working-together of the Human World and the Heavenly World in bringing wealth and treasures to you. For example, if you pray for wealth in this saha world, Red Manohara Vasudhara will bring it to you. Thus, the important parts of the dharma are the visualization, the mudra and the mantra (the mantra must be chanted).”

Red Manohara Vasudhara is the same deity as the Vajrayana deity, “Gou She Cai Xu Mu.” The greatness of this wealth deity lies in her background. She is a wealth deity from the Western Pure Land. Red Manohara Vasudhara is known to have emanated from Amitabha Buddha's immovable heart, carrying a vajra hook to hook the quintessence of each buddha land, thus creating the entire Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. The Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss is therefore filled with wondrous features.

During the homa ceremony on January 19, 2020, the Dharma King saw Red Manohara Vasudhara leading a bevy of celestial devas and bringing along one big bag of money. Red Manohara Vasudhara told the Dharma King, “One is everything.” To the Dharma King, this bag could well contain 100 bags of money!

The Dharma King was full of praise for Red Manohara Vasudhara. He said, “Not only does she hook wealth for the cultivator, she eradicates karmic illnesses, calamities and disasters as well.

“She can use the hook to get whatever governmental positions or promotions you desire; she can also hook sentient beings to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. She can use the hook to improve a person’s magnetization ability and remove his or her karmic hindrances. In short, the hook can be used to ‘hook in’ all the good stuff and to ‘hook away’ all the bad stuff. This deity is very important!”

In Mahayana, a most important concept is the six paramitas. First and foremost is the paramita of giving (generosity). Upon receipt of wealth, one must remember to give philanthropically. The Dharma King said, “In Vajrayana, when we do offerings, we get great blessings. This is because the tantric method involves transforming offerings into immeasurable and limitless amount; the resultant blessings are immense. Hence, today, because of such great blessings, many True Buddha School disciples receive Dharma-wealth and wealth due to luck.”

The Dharma King then discoursed on the Lamdre.

According to the Lamdre, “there are hindrances in the dharma pertaining to the mundane world.” These hindrances can come from relatives, friends, teachers, and partners in spiritual cultivation. These are tangible hindrances.

[To help everyone in overcoming the hindrances], the Dharma King taught a method involving the concept of giving. The Dharma King explained, “Start with small cash-giveaways as these are material things that could work in this world. For example, a child may wish to practice a cultivation session, but his or her parents may forbid the child from doing so. The child could think of ways to earn more money to give the parents, so that the obstacles imposed by the parents against the child's practice may be reduced. This is a practical means to a practical end.”

The Dharma King also taught another method: visualize the hindrance-creator beside oneself during one’s cultivation session. Visualize that he or she is doing the same steps of the sadhana together. This will increase the affinity with Buddha for that hindrance-creator.

How about the intangible hindrances? The Dharma King has many kinds of Protection Dharma up his sleeves. For example, in the ‘Four Directional Boundary Protection (Vajraprakara) Dharma’, one can visualize four walls forming around one’s seating location, and a Vajra net coming out of Space to cover one at the top. Visualize also, a crossed scepter below one’s seat, forming a Vajra foundation in the ground. Blazing from the Vajra Walls is the Vajra Fire. Chant the four-hum mantra, which is, “Zha, hum, ban, huo”.

Another method involves getting a five-colored string and tying a knot on it for every 108 mantras chanted. The mantra can be that of one’s Vajra Protector which one has received empowerment on.

Pregnant ladies may wear the knotted five-colored string as a belt around the belly to protect the unborn baby. The string will prevent the theft of the baby's essence or Qi by malicious ‘non-humans’. Depletion of the baby's Qi could potentially lead to miscarriage.

One can also, for protection, chant [the mantra of] the Celestial Soldiers of the Six Ding and the Six Jia.

Essentially, the methods described are: the protection wheel, mantra chanting, and mantra-knots.

Finally, the Dharma King wished good dreams to all disciples -- that all would be able to fulfil their dreams and get great wealth! After the discourse, the Dharma King bestowed the empowerment of the dharma of Red Manohara Vasudhara on everyone. The event ended in auspiciousness.

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