November 29, 2019, Rainbow Temple, High King Avalokitesvara Homa Ceremony

November 29, 2019, Rainbow Temple, High King Avalokitesvara Homa Ceremony
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Lamdre Exposition by Dharma King Lian-sheng
Summary of Dharma Talk

On December 29, 2019, Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng presided over the High King Avalokitesvara Homa Ceremony at Rainbow Temple.

The most important sutra of High King Avalokitesvara is the High King Avalokitesvara Sutra, which True Buddha School reveres. In the sutra, it is stated, “One will be liberated from the suffering of birth and death and freed from all harm and poisons.”

The Dharma King encouraged all to chant the sutra often. He said, “Throughout my life, I have been protected numerous times by High King Avalokitesvara; from then till now, I have always revered and propagated the High King Sutra. In this life, High King Avalokitesvara is one of the deities I respect and honor the most.”

Not only is the High King Avalokitesvara Sutra known for its supreme spiritual responses and powers, so is the True Buddha Sutra. The Dharma King had once expounded before, anyone who chants the True Buddha Sutra will develop a mark on the body which enables him or her to ascend the Maha Twin Lotus Pond upon death.

As High King Avalokitesvara is the Dharma Prince of the Seven Tathagatas, its powers is tremendous, for upon its crown, the Bodhisattva carries the Seven Tathagatas. If one chants the names or epithets of High King Avalokitesvara, one will definitely not fall into the three lower realms of existence.

According to the Dharma King, during the ceremony, after he had performed the Great Offering and formed the Great Offering Mudra, he noticed High King Avalokitesvara entering his body via his crown. “This is all true; there isn’t an iota of falsehood. A cultivator doesn't utter improper speech,” the Dharma King said. “In religion, one must use wisdom to be able to differentiate between truths and falsehoods. We should not be superstitious. We must use our wisdom to think.”

The Dharma King continued with the discourse of the Lamdre.

The text mentioned the "path of the start of the five affinities" and that "everything starts with affinities".

The Dharma King explained that in the Vehicle of Secret Mantras (the Start of Affinity of the Vehicle of Secret Mantras; that is, the Start of the Affinity of the Secret Chanting of Mantras), the most important start-of-affinity comes from the cultivator's body. The Dharma King emphasized, "Your body is very supreme. In fact, everyone’s body is an altar, which is actually the Buddha’s altar. Of course, that is supreme.”

Bodily channels, Word [Seed Syllable], Qi and Bodhicitta are the so-called four pure altars.

In what way is the body an altar? As mentioned, the cultivator’s body is a supreme body, which also means that a cultivator's four altars are all perfect and complete, with no transgression.

However, if there are defects, then transgressions are said to have occurred. Examples include possessing a stutter, ill-health and bad Qi.

The Dharma King said, “Chanting mantras require good enunciation in a clear voice. Yet, a stutterer would not be able to chant mantras properly. This is considered a transgression of the Word [Seed Syllable].”

If one is weak and does not have much energy, one cannot do much at all. The body must therefore be healthy and strong.

If one is blind or deaf, that is transgression in terms of Qi. Cultivating Qi is therefore infeasible since one cannot see or hear.

After the discourse ended, the Dharma King bestowed the empowerment of High King Avalokitesvara on everyone. The ceremony ended well.

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