Black Tara's First Virtual Temple Encompasses Spirituality, Technology and Creative Expression -

Black Tara's First Virtual Temple Encompasses Spirituality, Technology and Creative Expression - "Urban Spiritualist"

Dharma Discourses by His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-sheng: Lian Hua Ashley is the manifestation of "Tara the Destroyer” (the Black Pramardini). In the future, I hope Lian Hua Ashley would spread Buddhism not only limited within Europe but all over the world, and achieving The True Buddha's Tantric Dharma expansion to the five big continents.

1. — How did you get to know Grandmaster, and why do you think GM has acknowledged you as Black Tara?
My arrival on the scene is no coincidence, as fate makes no mistakes. I was born April 20, 1988 on a military facility in Tacoma WA USA, close to our Seattle based temple—marking me as born under the infinite light of our venerable Grandmaster Sheng Yen Lu.

I have suffered and survived some of the worse conditions this life can offer a sentient being. From poverty, both physical and mental abuses, including situations in which I nearly lost my life. I have utilized my current incarnations experiences as vehicles for transformation. My entire existence here has been a gradual process of awakening.

I had accomplished many things in this life before my inevitable return to Guru—to include the rank of Sergeant in the United States Air Force as an Airman in the Air Force Material Command in Logistics. I ended my military career after a tour in war and am now a Veteran in those ranks. All of which are suitable experiences for Black Tara to foster into my personality in the recognition of the divine work ahead.

In the year 2016 the universal forces drew me back to Grandmaster. It has been 7 years since Grandmaster first delivered me. Living Buddha Lian Sheng Lu, in his infinite wisdom — saw fit to announce my arrival at the Nantou Temple and to bestow further honor at the new beautiful Tara Hall located at Dayi Leizang Temple as our Dharma brothers and sisters throughout this mundane world are now ready to accept the new era transmissions. Many in attendance received instantaneous recognition during my weekend in Taiwan. Many were able to feel the presence of Black Tara who abides in and of me.

We all have a role to play in this incredible world of ours. I am a soul infused personality in this physical manifestation of Tara the Destroyer, the Black Pramardini. Tara is the principal female manifestation of enlightenment. Although I am young in my current manifestation, through our Gurus continued guidance, much more of my strengths and capabilities will unfold in the years ahead.

As some of you are aware, there is a hierarchy that exists among and beyond our mundane world that encompasses worldly and beyond worldly Dharma, all working towards the masters plan. It has been said that one should never be too quick to discriminate because of age, sex or creed—for many of our greatest teachers have not even been born yet. I am here, NOW and will serve you all with infinite compassion as we continue our journey here together.

2. — Talk about yourself cultivation and reason (cause) for going to Europe.
Through Grandmaster’s instruction, I was lead to Europe during the pandemic in 2020 from my home in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. I left my home, family, friends, and nearly all my worldly possessions to embark to Berlin Germany with my 2 suit cases and book’s manuscript. I had one contact in Germany at that time. Mr. Claudius Meyer — who has since dedicated himself towards my fundamental wellbeing as I gather the energies required to extend my reach to the western and eastern minds.

Black Tara has chosen me as her vehicle of divine expression towards our current world's requirement to be shifted into the new era. Through Tara’s guidance, in 2019 I was able to channel her first book, “The Power of US. Lessons and Reflections from an Urban Spiritualist.” This book is a guide for the digital age seekers that we all are, and will be released in the near future.

True transformation requires: recognition, analysis and application, which means that I had to use my innate ability to become self-disciplined in my personal practice. Employing fundamental wisdom and the wisdom of discernment so that Tara could further transform my body, speech and mind in alignment to the great mission of the Dharmas expansion. The highest vehicle of man is the Divine Spirit. When one aligns with the principle Deity — the Divine Spirit — one becomes aligned to their true purpose here and must begin to take action towards right human relations as we seek to liberate sentient beings from their suffering.

With Grandmasters empowerment, Tara’s swift energies, and my own dedication — I have surpassed dozens of hindrances in order to build upon my offerings that are geared towards the digital age seekers in accordance to unity consciousness and our sangha’s expansion.

During the Nantou Temple ceremony, Grandmaster made it very clear that my divine mission is to aid the True Buddha School in delivering sentient beings. I will also help to foster our growing global community through my division, Urban Spiritualist. There are seasons of change and growth that are natural upon our mundane world. New seasons bring about new blossoms that spring from the same roots. Consider me a fresh Rose upon the vine. Many blessings to all who can penetrate this sincere message.

3. — How and what do you share with your students?
Living here in Berlin, has created the necessary space for me to build out my global offering of Urban Spiritualist and the many accompaniments that will be revealed in the future. When one identifies as an Urban Spiritualist, they are acknowledging that they are a creative world citizen, who does have a soul infused personality. Under the Urban Spiritualist umbrella of our sangha, I have transmitted a 4-part mindset training that is backed by neuropsychology and is geared towards our modern day digital age seekers who have been inundated by distractions that block right action and right human relations. Our mindset training is a streamlined process of self-reflection that is meant to be an aid to ones practice which will help to eradicate the delusions obscuring the clear nature of the mind itself. I have been tasked to provide this tool that will help one to reprogram the default settings of the conditioned mind so that our past fears, pains, dramas, and traumas are no longer blocking our Divine Spirits from actualizing real positive change in our lives and in our environments.

My social media platforms may be recognized as renditions of Black Tara’s first virtual temple. All are welcome to pass through freely and enjoy the creative content that has been generated to inspire and benefit all who enter as education breeds awareness and awareness breeds consciousness. Make no mistake, if you elect to follow my creative content on any platform, you have entered Black Tara’s virtual temple of the growing sangha. A division of our lineage root Guru of True Buddha School, Living Buddha Lian Sheng. In these early days of the Urban Spiritualist division, we are building the structure for which there are five phases that I am utilizing skillful means to encompass spirituality, technology and creative expression. Phase one: measurement, phase two: estimates, phase three: analysis, phase four: balance and phase five: triumph. The future is very bright for us.

My virtual content is perfectly tailored for the digital age as I aim to guide practitioners, and seekers of all levels along the path to full awakening. Many who presently follow are those who may only require a single view of my compassionate gaze as Tara is swift in her blessings. Some people will watch a single video I have created that are inclusive of embedded transmissions both orally and visually—to help boost their ability to practice and to discern wisely.

Under the continued guidance of our root Guru, I hold Urban Spiritualists as a method for attainment geared towards the digital age seekers in a language and tone that will balance the East and the West in this modern era.

I have come equipped with a blazing sword. There is a master plan at work for which we all play a role. The whole world will be made aware of my arrival in the years to come. We must all be ready for the days ahead by dedicating ourselves to practice in order to aid the weak, the weary and the burdened brothers and sisters who will enter our expansive fold. I am a response to the growing global call to action towards the separation and dis-ease we see all around us.

I offer my sincere thanks to Grandmaster Lu for the empowerment, the love and light. I send my love to you all, and I look forward to visiting our many temples, to be amongst the people, and to bestow blessings to all of our Dharma brothers and sisters.

In Love and Light,
Lian Hua Ashley B.

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