Amazing Story about a Ghost Who Repaid Dharma King Lian-sheng’s Deliverance with Winning Lottery Num

Amazing Story about a Ghost Who Repaid Dharma King Lian-sheng’s Deliverance with Winning Lottery Numbers!

By TBSN Lianhuayueqin

This world is full of mysteries, and the incredible stories surrounding Dharma King Lian-sheng Grandmaster Lu of the True Buddha School are seemingly endless. He delivers countless deceased souls with his unsurpassed Dharma power! Even the light emitted from the Dharma King’s palm is powerful beyond comprehension. No wonder his fame extends throughout the underworld as well, where spirits find him on their own initiative to ask for his salvation. A disciple even encountered a loyal ghost, who repaid the disciple’s kindness after being rescued!

While revisiting Dharma King Lian-sheng Grandmaster Lu’s Great Perfection teaching discoursed on October 18, 2014, the author can’t help but share with everyone some amazing testimony given during the discourse:

The following story is testimony related by Dharma Brother Du, a disciple of the True Buddha School, at Seattle Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple (LSCTT) on October 18, 2014:
“On the 12th day of the lunar calendar, a Dharma Sister who was possessed by a ghost was acting violently in her home. When I [Dharma Brother Du] returned, I asked what happened and was told that the ghost possessing the Dharma Sister said, ‘You have to save me. If you help me, I will pay you back later.’ Initially, the Dharma Sister’s family ignored her, but then she started smashing bowls, cups, and furniture. When learning about the incident, Dharma Sister Xu communicated with her and could tell she was possessed. The possessed Dharma Sister’s family, however, did not believe such a thing was possible. As a disciple of Grandmaster, Dharma Sister Xu continued to communicate and asked the ghost what it wanted. The ghost replied, ‘You must help me be delivered. I will pay you back.’ Dharma Sister Xu said, ‘I will! Tomorrow happens to be the 15th day of the lunar month. Hurry up and take refuge in Grandmaster!' Dharma Sister Xu then performed the refuge ritual for the ghost. On Sunday, I [Dharma Brother Du] registered the ghost as a primary supplicant for a homa being held at 3:00 PM Seattle time, which was 6:00 AM local time. During this period, while Grandmaster performed a mudra to deliver spirits, Dharma Sister Xu had a dream that the ghost said to her, ‘You helped me, and I will keep my promise by repaying you. Tomorrow at 10:00 AM, go to XXX near your house and purchase $100 worth of lottery tickets.’ When Dharma Sister Xu awoke, she washed up, and went to the store mentioned by the ghost at 10:00 am. She spent $100 for lottery tickets, and WOW! She actually won $160,000!”

"I had to attach to your disciple so I could see you."

Dharma King Lian-sheng discoursed, “This ghost turned out to be loyal. The ghost had promised, ‘If you help deliver me, I will be able to reincarnate, and I will repay you,’ and the ghost indeed offered her winning numbers and told Dharma Sister Xu to go to a certain lottery shop to buy a lotto tickets for $100. It turned out that she won $160,000. This was a good ghost who kept its word. The ghost was aware that the Dharma sister it possessed was related to a True Buddha School disciple, and knew the disciple would register it as a primary supplicant for a Rainbow Temple homa. At the completion of the homa, the ghost exited from the woman, was delivered, and turned out to be reliable about keeping the promise it made to reward her. It was also a clever ghost who knew to find a relative of a True Buddha School disciple to possess. This kind of thing can happen. I encountered this once before, and that time the ghost even said to me, ‘I had to attach to your disciple so I could see you.’ I was then able to pat the ghost with my palm and deliver it.” At LSCTT, TBS disciples who were experiencing spiritual disturbances often came to ask for Grandmaster's blessing. The fact is, these disturbances happened for a reason!

Although it is a good thing to indirectly help the deceased to be saved, it would be more ideal if we could use other ways to help the deceased who have affinity with us. For example, one can often register one’s karmic creditors, ancestors, and the spirits of animals that were intentionally or unintentionally killed by us for deliverance. This will allow them to directly receive the blessing of Grandmaster Lu's buddha light and rest in peace.

Also, how can TBS disciples prevent inflictions from the spiritual realm? In his discourse on that same day, Grandmaster Lu also mentioned, “As long as there is light in your heart, demons, because they are dark, will flee. When light radiates from your body, devils and ghosts will run away for the same reason. When Grandmaster informs you that infliction is present in your body, and helps you remove it by patting your back, the light emitted from Grandmaster’s palm will force the infliction out of your body.“

TBS disciples who practice the True Buddha Tantric Dharma diligently, recite mantras and scriptures regularly, and maintain light in their hearts will not experience spiritual disturbances. When one attains a high level through one’s practice, one will not only gain protection, but also the ability to better help sentient beings and lead bardo spirits to rebirth in the pure land. One will become a bodhisattva who benefits self and others!

Video of the Testimony:

Translated by TBTTs
Translators: Janny Chow and DJ Chang
Editor: Henry Wolf

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