Sacred Spiritual Light Radiated from Life Essence Burial Ceremony

On August 28, 2022, at Rainbow Temple in Seattle, USA, HH Living Buddha Lian-sheng personally conducted a Life Essence (Sheng Ji) Burial Ceremony. Many True Buddha School disciples captured manifestations of sacred spiritual radiance on photographs taken during the ceremony.

(Reported by #TBSN Lianhua Huijun)

On August 28, 2022, just before lunch, Grandmaster conducted a Life Essence Burial Ceremony. The ceremony commenced with Grandmaster lighting incense at the life essence burial pit.

Grandmaster supplicated as follows:
“I pray for the blessings of the Patriarch of Bagua, Fuxi, King Wen, Duke of Zhou, Guigu Xiansheng…. for a smooth, safe, auspicious, wealth generating Life Essence Burial Ceremony!”

Grandmaster recited:
“Shangqing Shangdi, Donghua Da Dijun, Great Celestially Venerated Jade Pond Golden Mother bestowed on Lian-sheng the Celestial Book of the Liujia, Authority to command the the gods of the Liujia and Liuding, the Twelve Xinu, the Five Goddesses of Nayan Heaven, Three Divine Generals of Fire, Ocean, and Wind leading a million divine soldiers respectively to assist and grant Lian-sheng Dharma power, supernatural ability, transformation power and the ability to merge with the Tao.”

Grandmaster further recited:
Shou-na-luo-geng-ba-gua-shen [holding the divine eight-trigrams compass],
Yi-qie-fu-fen-jiang-lai-lin [all kinds of blessings come],
Jiu-tian-xuan-nu-huang-shi-gong [Goddess of the Ninth Heaven and Huang Shigong],
Wu-hang-ba-gua-ci-fen-zhong [through the Five Elements and the Eight Trigrams],
Zu-shi-quan-cong-yin-yang-chu [ all Patriarchs emerge from the Yin-Yang forces],
Yang-cong-zuo-bian-tuan-tuan-zhuan [Yang forces rotate from the left],
Yin-cong-you-bian-zhuan-zhuan-tong [Yin forces rotate and pass through from the right],
You-ren-shi-de-yin-yang-fa [When one learns the principle of yin and yang],
He-chou-da-di-bu-xiang-feng” [What is there to worry about when it comes to finding auspicious land?]

While casting rice and salt into the burial pit, Grandmaster recited:
Yi-sa-dong-fang-jia-yi-mu [first, cast jia yi wood to the east],
er-sa-nan-fang-bing-ding-huo [second, cast bing ding fire to the south],
san-sa-xi-fang-geng-xin-jin [third, cast geng xin metal to the west],
si-sa-bei-fang-ren-kui-shui [fourth, cast ren kui water to the north].”
wu-sa-zhong-yang-wu-ji-tu” [lastly, cast wu ji earth to the center].

Finally, Living Buddha Lian-sheng recited:
Liang-chen-ji-ri, da-ji-da-fa….fa-la” [On this auspicious day, may everyone be blessed with good luck and prosperity]. The crowd followed Grandmaster’s invocations by bursting into a storm of cheers and shouting,
“Fa-la, fa-la” [Prosperity! Prosperity]

At the same time, reverends and volunteers near the burial pit purified it with burning joss paper, then placed life essence articles in the pit for burial.

Suddenly, there were cool breezes and swaying lofty trees. Joss paper from the burial pit soared into the sky! It was indeed an extraordinary and awe inspiring sight!

To everyone’s surprise, photos taken by disciples on the scene and by viewers online captured a display of gloriously radiating white and rainbow light!

Grandmaster later commented, “Today’s Live Essence Burial Ceremony resulted in an amazing spiritual response! After all, this treasure Rainbow Villa was discovered by following a rainbow!” Shimu added “Grandmaster has written a book on Rainbow Villa called Great Tales of Rainbow Villa.”

One after another, Masters exclaimed with great admiration, “Today’s Life Essence Burial Ceremony was simply incredible!”
Grandmaster then instructed that the Life Essence Burial Ceremony he performs was, in fact, transmitted by none other than the Reverend Liaoming!

Grandmaster further commented, “Earlier today, while I was conducting the Life Essence Burial Ceremony, I already noticed the manifestation of spiritual light. This paranormal sacred radiance was also captured in photographs taken by many ceremony participants. These photographs prove that theTrue Buddha Tantric Dharma is real!”

This year’s Life Essence Burial Ceremony was indeed profoundly perfect and incomparably magnificent! Everyone was full of Dharma joy and heartfelt gratitude for the Guru Buddha! Everything was complete and auspicious!

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang

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