Reunion on the Eve of the Lunar New Year

Reunion on the Eve of the Lunar New Year, Year of the Ox announcing auspicious festive signs

《#TBS Seattle Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple News》

New Year's eve this year in Seattle was very special. Snow began falling in the afternoon. Enchanting snowflakes were everywhere! This simultaneously elevated everyone's mood and added a romantic touch to the eve’s joyous atmosphere.

At dusk on this New Year’s eve, the restaurant of Seattle Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple (LSCTT) prepared a sumptuous reunion dinner for Grandmaster, Shimu, Masters, and Reverends. All sat around the stove and enjoyed a light-hearted meal with Grandmaster and Shimu. After dinner, Grandmaster and Shimu went to the main shrine of the temple to pray that everyone will have a peaceful and wish-fulfilling New Year. They specially offered incense to buddhas and bodhisattvas, wishing for constant blessings and protection. They also lit lights for the new year to be bright and auspicious.

After the solemn incense-offering and lighting ceremony by Grandmaster and Shimu, the happiest event followed. After the special blessing of the New Year's red envelopes, Grandmaster began handing out the envelopes to everyone. Disciples happily queued up (with safe distancing), respectfully receiving Grandmaster's bestowal of good fortune. Everyone enthusiastically conveyed their New Year greetings to Grandmaster and Shimu. Grandmaster and Shimu were also full of smiles, wishing everyone well. With the blessings of Grandmaster and Shimu, we believe that everyone's future in this New Year will be satisfactory and complete. After everyone had warmly received their red envelopes, Grandmaster and Shimu prepared to go home and have a reunion rice-ball snack with Foqing, Foqi, and their grandchildren.

The temple performed a Grand-offering-to-buddhas Ceremony at 10:30 PM. Everyone prepared a dazzling array of offerings, thanking buddhas and bodhisattvas for all their blessings and protection for this year. The next day, the Lunar New Year’s Day, at 11:00 AM, another Grand-offering-to-buddhas Ceremony was performed. From the time the temple opened its doors, incense smoke inside and outside the temple rose in spirals, persistently lingering. Devout faces offered bunches of fragrant incense to show their sincerity, praying that all New Year wishes will come true. Many visitors also went to the bookstore to purchase offerings such as candles to light lamps, incense paper, body amulets for protection, etc., praying that the new year will be radiant and auspicious. Many came especially to the LSCTT Temple to register for Tai Sui (Annual Guardian), Blessing Lamps, longevity tablets, and other dharma services.

Although this year's Spring Festival was restricted by many COVID-19 pandemic preventive measures, the joy of the New Year was in no way diminished than in previous years. All True Buddha School disciples, no matter where they are, as long as they see the safe and healthy figures of Grandmaster and Shimu, their inner joy will not be any different because of the distance. We wish that buddhas and bodhisattvas will bless Grandmaster and Shimu to have good health in the New Year, live a long life, and be happy, unhindered, and auspicious always! I also wish everyone in the Year of the Ox prosperous good fortune, to be safe and healthy, have great blessings, and be diligent in cultivation!

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Angeline Oh
Editors: Shelley Higgins and DJ Chang

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