November 10, 2019, Rainbow Temple, Yellow Jambhala Homa Ceremony

November 10, 2019, Rainbow Temple, Yellow Jambhala Homa Ceremony
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Lamdre Exposition by Dharma King Lian-sheng
Summary of Dharma Talk

On November, 10, 2019, at Seattle Rainbow Temple, our Root Guru, Living Buddha Lian-sheng presided over the Yellow Jambhala Homa Ceremony.

The Dharma King Lian-sheng had mentioned the Cultivation Practice of Yellow Jambhala in Book 63, “True Buddha Secrets of Secrets.” Yellow Jambhala, also known as Vaiśravaṇa, resides in the northern part of the Heavenly Realm, and the section of heaven [he rules] is the wealthiest among the many in the Heavenly Realm. A staunch supporter of Buddhism, Vaiśravaṇa likes to aid the poor [cultivator] because his background is “Heavenly King of Big Secrets.” Hence he has a great affinity to transform as Heavenly King.

At that time, Dharma King wrote that True Buddha School (TBS) had a mix of rich and poor disciples. The latter would wish that the Guru could bestow upon them, a practice that could help them alleviate their poor circumstances. Hence, the compassionate Dharma King included Yellow Jambhala as one of the Eight Principal Deities of TBS; it was hoped that Vaiśravaṇa could bestow great blessings, so as to aid in TBS dharma propagation activities worldwide and enable the saving of sentient beings, True Buddha style. In this way, we would also have fulfilled the spirit of Buddhism in saving sentient beings.

Hence Yellow Jambhala is the only wealth deity among the Eight Principal Deities in TBS cultivation practices.

Grandmaster told the audience what he saw in the ceremony. Many relations of Yellow Jambhala arrived. The Five Buddhas of the Five Directions were above the Yellow Jambhala, including the Four Heavenly Kings, Maha Sreya (Heavenly Goddess of Great Auspiciousness), Sarasvatī (Heavenly Goddess of Marvelous Music), Snow Mountain Goddess, and the Goddess of Ganges, among others. In addition, the Dharma King also saw Jambhala throwing four big white bags down from where he was in the sky. The bags contained gold or money. Four persons in the audience would receive the bags, and hence the fortune – they would be rich! Hence, in his dedication of merit, the Dharma King had wished for “Basic Main Wealth”, “Dharma Wealth”, and “Wealth by Lucky Means” for everyone.

The Dharma King instructed everyone on the method of cultivating Yellow Jambhala Practice. First, one must light three joss sticks; then, Jambhala will appear above the lingering smoke of the joss and manifest his image. The Five Buddhas of the Five Directions will bless the Yellow Jambhala to bring joy to the Yellow Jambhala. The fortune-regurgitating rat in his hand will spit out treasures.

Just like one dollar is the foundational denomination on which tens, hundreds and thousands of dollars are built upon, so is “One” in meditation. The Dharma King explained, as a person learns Buddhism for long, he or she will realize that “one” is essential as foundation. In Tantric Buddhism, “one” is equal to many, and many are equal to “one”. Similarly, in the future, when a person learns meditation, he or she must enter into “one”. “One” then becomes “zero”, “zero” then becomes Tao. When a person’s thoughts are transformed into one, he or she is single-mindeded and focused, and that is meditation.

The Dharma King continued with his exposition of Lamdre. In the text, it was mentioned, “Decorum is a kind of dew droplets” and “Mudra is a kind of dew droplets”. The Dharma King explained, when one sits in a prim and proper manner, it is decorum or etiquette. When one’s posture is prim and proper, the dew droplets will descend. However, when one is frustrated and hyperactive, one would not get the dew droplets. A cultivator must normally be very calm, not hurried or slow, and is very much at ease.

In Taoism, there are pith instructions in cultivation practices. First, one must learn to take in Qi (breathing). Second, one must swallow one’s saliva (dew droplets), and third, one must nurture warmth (inner fire). When one is in meditation, one’s mind is focused on the inner fire which ascends to melt the lightdrops stored in the thousand-petal lotus in one’s crown. When this fluid descends and spreads to the whole body, all the organs get the nourishment from the dew droplets and the body becomes healthy. Hence, according to Grandmaster, “if you can open all your chakras to reveal your original bright brilliance and if you can use your inner fire and lightdrops, you can gain achievement in cultivation. If you are unable to use your lightdrops and inner fire, you are no different from any other person who is subject to ageing and death.”

After the exposition, the Dharma King bestowed upon the audience, the empowerment for Yellow Jambhala. All ended well.

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