June 21, 2020 Q&A with Grandmaster

【TBS Seattle News】

On June 21, 2020, in Seattle, USA, True Buddha School Rainbow Temple respectfully invited Root Lineage Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng to preside over a Tara Who Saves From Contagious Diseases Homa Ceremony.

“As children, we must treat parents with filial piety.” Prior to his discourse, Grandmaster shared a humorous story meant to encourage disciples to have love and respect for their parents: “One must be filial toward one’s parents because they are one’s origin.”

In Book 78, Household Feng Shui II, Grandmaster discussed Heavenly Water Infliction Suppression Practice. A disciple asked Grandmaster how, considering the overall situation of modern housing, one could implement this practice. Grandmaster explained that in most condos (note: collectively owned apartments) or apartments (rental apartments), it is not possible to perform the Bowl Practice because there is no roof to the individual dwelling space. A single-family or row house is required to perform the Bowl Practice. If there is a water tower on a row house, one could manage a way to place the bowl on top of the water tower. As for rootless water, one can allow it to evaporate naturally. “The key point of the practice is visualizing the three lights entering into the water to bless and purify the water and transform it into endless divine water.”

Grandmaster further expounded that if one performs the Heavenly Water Infliction Suppression Practice, all inflictions of the house will be suppressed by the divine water. Since the current COVID-19 pandemic has nothing to do with feng shui and houses, and the Bowl Practice and Heavenly Water Infliction Suppression Practice are associated with feng shui, neither practice will suppress the spread of coronavirus. This is because “One has left one’s house and is infected outside the house. Therefore, the infection has nothing to do with the house.”

Grandmaster continued with a discourse on Lamdre. One who is born with the four levels of empowerment has predestined karma. One who respects and believes in Buddhadharma attains empowerment when receiving the blessing from the guru.

After one has cultivated through the stages with extreme diligence and has reached the stage of the Great Perfection, due to one’s extreme diligence, one receives empowerment. Grandmaster emphasized that for certain people, receiving all four levels of empowerment is the same as not receiving any empowerment. Why? Because that person has neither respect nor faith, and has not diligently cultivated the dharma. “Those with predestined karma will naturally receive empowerment, those with respect and faith will receive the blessing empowerment, and those who practice diligently will receive true empowerment because of their diligence.”

Those who are predestined will naturally understand, and will naturally experience feelings and sensations.” Grandmaster used himself as an example. In the beginning, when Grandmaster was at Jade Emperor Temple, as soon as he kneeled down, he could see Jade Pond Golden Mother, Amitabha Buddha, and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. “Had I ever cultivated before? No. Never. So how did this happen? It was an awakening resulting from predestined karma. I had only cultivated inner fire a few times, but the inner fire arose naturally. Grandmaster explained that those with high capability can naturally open channel knots and naturally accumulate light drops, water and fire.”

“One who has faith in one’s root guru will receive seven types of empowerment.” Grandmaster discoursed that a practitioner with high capacity who also has respect for and faith in the root guru will receive the blessing empowerment. With the addition of diligent practice, the practitioner will advance quickly from the first level of empowerment to the fourth level. “One will be able to proceed from the vase empowerment to inner practice, from inner practice to Highest Yoga Tantra, and from Highest Yoga Tantra on to the Great Perfection.”

“Those with predestined karma, those with respect and faith, and those who are diligent are the three causes for meditation.” Grandmaster continued on to explain that there are only three kinds of people who will know to practice meditation; the first kind has high capacity and predestined karma; the second has faith in and respect for the root guru; the third practices diligently. These are the ones who understand the need for meditation. Therefore, these are the causes for meditation.

“When one accomplishes the ultimate fruition of non-leakage, one’s afflictions are all annihilated and one manifests infinite supernatural power.” Grandmaster encouraged everyone that the best time to cultivate is when one’s blood gases are strong. “Do not wait until old age to practice, because many die while still young.” Therefore, one should begin studying Buddhadharma when still young. “If one’s qi has declined, one will be unable to open channel knots. If qi cannot flow, how can one cultivate? This is extremely important.”

Translated by TBTTs
Translated by Henry Wolf
Edited by DJ Chang

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