''She Miaozhi (佘妙枝)'' Was the Actual ''Purple Padmakumara'' Meant to be Recognized That Year

【TBSN News】Discourse of Living Buddha Lian-sheng:
''She Miaozhi'' was the actual ''Purple Padmakumara'' meant to be recognized that year!

Vajrayana means ''wholehearted refuge.'' It can only be called ''Vajrayana'' when there is lineage.
Living Buddha Lian-sheng further discoursed: One should question oneself whether one has been lying or imagining things. Has one created the ''Five Ghost Leaders'' out of one's own fantasies? One should really think this over, truly repent, and start anew!
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【Master Shi Liandang Reporting From Nantou, translated by Henry Wolf, edited by DJ Chang】
On Dec. 3, 2016 Living Buddha Lian-sheng presided over a Padmakumara Fire Offering Ceremony at Lei Tsang Temple in Taiwan. During the dedication of merit, Living Buddha Lian-sheng specially prayed to Padmakumara that Mr. Qiu Zhengyi, the President of Lotus Light Charity in the southern district, be guided to rebirth in the pure land. (Note: Living Buddha Lian-sheng had previously praised Mr. Qiu Zhengyi, who was the President of the Lotus Light Charity in the southern district, as a man who carried out his duties with integrity, was enthusiastic about public welfare, and promoted the True Buddha School. He was a true and authentic holy disciple of the True Buddha School!).

During his dharma discourse, Living Buddha Lian-sheng first mentioned that there is currently some disturbance within the True Buddha School. He invited Dharma Sister Yu Yachi to come up and share her outlook on the situation.

Dharma Sister Xu Yaqi came on stage and expressed her view, ''I had herself, without validation, created the Legend of Purple Padmakumara, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock on Your Door, etc. Furthermore, currently many programs and network TV shows have been converted into printed books and publicly disseminated. The fact is, much of the content of these shows is essentially fake and did not originate from buddhas and bodhisattvas. Some were just for effect of the show, and some were perhaps only coincidence… Additionally, I previously misunderstood Shimu, the True Buddha Foundation… I hopes that people will stop passing on something that was false to begin with! …''

Living Buddha Lian-sheng then continued his dharma discourse saying that the True Buddha School is not a dictatorship. True Buddha School Masters have all been propagating the buddhadharma and in the end will return to Maha Twin Lotus Ponds. Today we had a Padmakumara Homa Ceremony. Because I have myself actually been to Maha Twin Lotus Ponds, I know about Padmakumara. Lately on the internet, there is great battle between White Padmakumara and Purple Padmakumara … When I heard about this I felt very sad because actually there is no such thing as ''battles'' between Padmakumaras in Maha Twin Lotus Ponds. There is only blissfulness in Maha Twin Lotus Ponds. As long as one Padmakumara feels happy then all Padmakumaras will likewise feel happy.

There was once a Dharma Sister Chen who heard a master's talk on stage. The Master asked whether one preferred to go to the Maha Twin Lotus Ponds of the White Padmakumara or the Maha Twin Lotus Ponds of the Purple Padmakumara?! When Dharma Sister Chen heard this kind of talk from this Master she decided she would never again attend this Master's cultivation venue! …

Everyone should think this over carefully: Who first witnessed the existence of Maha Twin Lotus Ponds? Who was the first to witness the existence of Padmakumara?!

Living Buddha Lian-sheng then discoursed: During that year when recognizing Purple Padmakumara, I actually meant the prominent artist ''She Miaozhi.'' She was very fond of dressing in purple clothing. When Grand Master looked at She Miaozhi and said that ''Purple Padmakumara'' please stand up, at this moment, surprisingly, the one sitting beside her in blue clothing stood up instead.

This was actually how, during that year, Living Buddha Lian-sheng recognized Purple Padmakumara and was witnessed by Reverend Mingyi along with many others present at that time. This was the origin of my recognition of Purple Padmakumara and that was The Legend of Purple Padmakumara first mentioned by Dharma Sister Xu Yaqi.

Grandmaster was thinking: OK, fine. Let it just be like this. Since this person had stood up and wanted to take on the role, you will just have to show me your accomplishment.

Actually, Grand Master has known for years that there has been a problem with this dharma propagating person XX. However, out of not wanting to ever abandon a single sentient being, Grand Master hoped that someday XX would mend her ways. The teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha are always only about the buddhadharma, never about propagating ''ghost practices.''The supreme buddhadharma is sacred and the right view; ''ghost cultivation'' and ''ghost invocation'' have never been part of Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings. If you go about invoking the ''XX Ghost'' what you invoke are the suicide ghosts of Japanese soldiers or ''sudden death ghosts.'' You invoke these ghosts in secrecy and secretly enshrine them on the altars of temples, cultivation chapters, and cultivation associations all over the world. As a result, everything you have consecrated is ghosts.

When Shigu Lin Qiandai visited True Buddha Society of Houston True Buddha Temple in the US, she said at first glance, ''Why are there ghosts everywhere? '' The ghosts spoke to Shigu Lin Qiandai in Japanese! Why were there Japanese ghosts in the temple? It was because XX invoked them. Shigu Lin Qiandai asked: Did Grand Master Lu perform the consecration at this temple? The answer was: No. It was performed by XX.

Right now Grand Master is thinking of how to restore peace in the True Buddha School. In the future each person can take their own path and cultivate their own practices.

It is Grand Master's feeling that this person speaks glibly. Her favorite topic is ''cause and effect of the three times.''
Ou Haonian once said, ''Grand Master's dharma talks can't compare to XX.'' In reality, it's just that Grandmaster only speaks the truth and never exaggerates.

Grandmaster focuses on the issue rather than the person.
The outward appearance of XX is quite nice, and she seems to speak righteously, but these pretexts cloak her real intentions. This person can indeed communicate with the spirit world but not with the realm of buddhas, bodhisattvas, arhats, or the celestial realms. Only with the ghost realm!

In the Dunhuang Caves in China, Cave #314 is the ''Padmakumara Cave.'' If you take a trip there and inquire where to find Padmakumara, the guide will tell you that in every cave there are Padmakumaras and each one has a joyful aspect. Grand Master is also joyful regardless of what has occurred within TBS because I know that it is all just like a stage play.

In the future Grand Master is going to teach everyone how to protect themselves and protect themselves well. For example, a ghost said to Xu Ruiguang ''go die…'' As a result, she really committed suicide! Dharma Sister Yu Yachi just mentioned that there had been many chapter chairmen and disciples from Fo Lin Cultivation Association who died unexpectedly or from illnesses. Grand Master also asked XX that, you should know yourself that among your own family there have been four sudden, unexpected deaths just in the last year.

You should all think back. I hope that, under the protection of Amitabha, everyone will be very auspicious and have their wishes fulfilled.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng continued by discoursing the Lamdre teaching: In buddhadharma there is Guang (extensiveness), Chung (middle) and Lue (compendium.) Middle Way includes: meditation, karma, merit (the Provision Path), hindrance, and realm division (Desire Realm, Form Realm, and Five-colored Realm.)

Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra is the so-called ''Guang,'' the Diamond Sutra is ''Chung,'' and the Heart Sutra is ''Lue.'' The Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra is condensed into the Diamond Sutra which is further condensed into the Heart Sutra.

I hope all the disciples of the True Buddha School forget obstacles and truly cultivate according to the cultivation practices. Grand Master has already taught the ''Mahabala Ghost Prohibiting Mantra.'' With this, along with ''Armor Protection'' and the High King Sutra, one should be at peace. After one has taken refuge wholeheartedly, as long as one's thoughts and intentions are right there is nothing that can trouble one.

Elderly Reverend Lianjin has been the vanguard of the XX brigade. Every time a new chapter was established he would go to that cultivation venue and inform everyone that if they were not able to see Grand Master they could seek out XX.

This master was also accompanied by the Five Ghosts. He also always invoked ghosts every time but nothing ever happened to him. How was it that nothing ever happened to him? Grand Master asked this question to Golden Mother and Golden Mother explained because he had recited the Ushnishvijaya mantra ten thousands and thousands of times nothing happened to him. Therefore as long as one recites a mantra ten thousands of thousands of times, has right thoughts and intentions, and takes refuge wholeheartedly, one will attain a vajra sword which is an indestructible vajra body able to destroy evil.

I hope that each and every one of you will be able to manifest your self-nature buddha-nature. At the time of death, if the light of the buddha-nature manifests on one's body, one will be able to be reborn in the pure land or to even attain buddhahood in the present body:
Vajrayana requires one to take wholehearted refuge. How is it ''Vajrayana'' if there is no root lineage to rely on?! When Grand Master was being taught by Padmasambhava, Padmasambhava told Grand Master that he had to find a lineage master in the human realm. It can only be called ''Vajrayana'' if there is lineage.

The slogan of those who are with XX is ''Purple light overpowers white light!'' Amitofo! One would only engage in this kind of fighting if one did not want the lineage. Otherwise it is impossible.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng is telling everyone once again that only one with right thoughts and intentions can have the vajra body! The master of Patriarch Tsongkhapa was Jetsun Dampa. Atisha's master was Master Serlingpa. Milarepa's master was Master Marpa, … with each prayer always first pay homage to one's master. On any day when were the lineage gurus ever apart from their own root guru?
May I ask whether you learned your mudras all on your own?
May I ask who you learned the fire offering practice from?
May I ask who taught you the mantras?
May I ask who you learned the visualizations from?

Does Grand Master invoke ''XX Ghost'' in his invocations?
Did you not only draw them on paper but also have statues of the Five Ghost leaders carved so as to enshrine and make offerings to them?
You don't seek guidance from Golden Mother but would rather ask the Five Ghosts?
Carefully think this over for yourself!

Attending reverends that are part of the XX cultivation venue should all think carefully.
Does Buddhism teach one to invoke ghosts?
Does it teach one to cultivate ghosts?
Cultivation of ghosts does have practical benefits but ultimately one gets stuck among ghosts. All of you should think this over carefully!!

After all, we should consider all these incidents to be a good thing. The situation has unified TBS disciples. It has caused them to practice harder and has strengthened their recognition of the way things really are!

Finally, Grand Master is emphasizing that he speaks truthfully. Grand Master is telling everyone that ''he will never abandon any sentient being.'' However, there must be true and authentic repentance. One must think things over for oneself. Does one tell lies? Does one follow one's own imagination and that includes whether these 5 Ghosts are just phantoms in one's own mind? One should think this over carefully. Truly and honestly repent and then one may come back and start anew! (Video link: https://youtu.be/OSTdrA6qQmA)

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