Debut Transmission of Cakrasamvara Uncommon Practice

The heavens shook and the earth trembled signalling auspicious signs prior to H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng
Sheng-yen Lu ascension to the dharma throne for the debut transmission of the Cakrasamvara Uncommon Practice.

A crowd of more than 70,000 disciples and worshippers fully packed Taiwan Lei Tsang temple.
Living Buddha Lian-sheng's Precious Dharma Discourse

【Reported by Master Liandian in Nantou, Translated by Lynn Ang, Edited by Henry Wolf and DJ Chang】To commence the ceremony and acting as representatives, Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple Abbot Master Shi Lianzhe, Deputy Temple Abbot Master Shi Lianzai, and Chairman of the True Buddha School (TBS) Vajrayana Association of R. O. C. Master Shi Lianou respectively made offerings and presented khatas to Living Buddha Lian-sheng as tokens of highest respect.

Following the Cakrasamvara Ceremony Living Buddha Lian-sheng announced that on the third day of the Lunar New Year during the Red Jambhala Ceremony he predicted that TBS disciples would win significant lottery prizes. This was indeed precisely what happened! On the ninth day of the Lunar New Year a disciple won the jackpot and wrote a letter informing Grandmaster of his win. Grandmaster mentioned that disciples will continue to win big prizes. Upon hearing this, the entire crowd cheered and happily congratulated this fortunate TBS disciple.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng also hoped that everyone would be able to attend the Mahottara Heruka Homa Ceremony at Linkou Stadium. The mantra of the Mahottara Heruka has healing effects. In the past, many disciples have experienced their illnesses being miraculously cured by simply placing their hands on areas in need of healing.

Grandmaster then described the depiction of Cakrasamvara. Cakrasamrava's body is blue. He has one head and two arms. He stands on a sun disc within a lotus with his left leg bent while his right leg is extended. Each foot tramples upon a celestial being. His topknot is adorned with mani jewels, new moon, and crossed vajra scepters. His body is adorned with six bone ornaments. He wears a necklace of human heads and a tiger skin skirt. He looks wrathful. Each hand holds a vajra scepter while he embraces Vajravarahi.

Vajravarahi is red. Her hands hold a kartika and a skull cup respectively. Her hair is loose and spread out. Her right leg is bent while her left leg is extended. She is in unification with a joyful expression. Her body is adorned with five kinds of bone ornaments.

The Buddha Father and Buddha Mother are surrounded by the fire of wisdom light. The buddha of Cakrasamvara's crown ornament can be Akshobhya Buddha, Vairocana Buddha, or Amitabha Buddha.

Cakrasamvara's mantra is ''Om。seh。ha-ha。hum-hum。pei。'' For the combined cultivation of Cakrasamvara and Vajravarahi the mantra is ''Om。hai-ha-en-da-ruo-he。hum-hum。pei。''
Grandmaster mentioned that the Cakrasamvara Tantra is the most extraordinary tantra of the Tibetan Kagyu Sect. It is considered the king of the Mother Tantra (''wisdom'' or ''prajna'').

Without expedient means such as the sadhana, the wisdom inherent in the buddhadharma cannot manifest. This wisdom will manifest when one's cultivation has reached a certain level.
The following Cakrasamvara Sadhana is excerpted from Living Buddha Lian-sheng, book #257, Thoughts in the Misty Rain.
Seven Preliminaries
Tender the Great Homage with Visualization
Mandala Offering
Fourfold Refuge
Four Immeasurable Vows
Recite the Repentance Verse
Armor Protection
Recite the High King Avalokitesvara Sutra
Main Practice
Mudra: (Embracing Mudra) Interlace the fingers of both hands inward while holding the thumbs upright and side by side. His mudra is the same as Vajrasattva.
Within a multicolored lotus there is a sun disc. Within the sun disc there is a blue syllable ''hum.''
The blue syllable ''hum'' transforms into Cakrasamvara. His body is blue with one head, two arms, and three eyes. His fangs are exposed and he looks wrathful.
He holds a vajra sceptre in each hand while he embraces Vajravarahi.
His topknot is adorned with a vajra scepter cross. A crescent moon is to the left.
He wears a crown of five skulls.
Fifty bloody human heads hang around his neck.
He wears a tiger skin skirt.
His right leg is extended while his left leg is bent. Both legs trample upon Mahesvara and his consort.
Vajravarahi Visualization
Her body is red. She has one face, two arms and three eyes.
She is naked. Her hair is loose and spread out. Her left arm is hooked onto Cakrasamvara while holding a kapala in the left hand. She holds a kartika with the right hand forming the Tarjani Mudra.
Her body is adorned with skull ornaments
Mantra Recitation
Common mantra of Cakrasamvara and Vajravarahi: ''Om。hai-en-da-ruo-he。 hum-hum。pei。'' (108 times)

One visualizes blue light shining on Cakrasamvara, Vajravarahi, and all other deities. Together they enter the cultivator's heart.

Entering Samadhi

Emerging from Samadhi and Praise Verse
To the brave father Heruka
The principal deity of Herukas
And the compassionate Vajravarahi
The cultivator pays homage
To the brave fathers and mothers dwelling in the five holy lands
Gathering in the charnel grounds
The cultivator pays homage
The significant benefits one will attain upon accomplishing the practice are:
Unhindered in the three realms
In other words, freely traverse the Form Realm, Desire Realm, and Formless Realm.
Able to summon all heavenly deities and the eight classes of devas and nagas.
One is just like Grandmaster who was today able to summon all heavenly deities to descend.
All dakinis will be the servants of the practitioner.
Knowing the karmic causes and effects of seven lifetimes.
Once again Grandmaster told XX: Do not bully Grandmaster's kindhearted and virtuous disciples. Rather, come and face me directly!
On one occasion at South Mountain Retreat, suddenly on opening his mouth Grandmaster saw Mahabala and Acala come rushing out. Together they utterly defeated the five evil ghost ringleaders and thousands of their accompanying evil spirits. Not a single ghost survived.
In the end all the evil spirits were apprehended by Dark-faced Golden Mother. It is believed that XX was also seriously injured and in need of medical assistance.
Although XX continues to invoke and cultivate ghosts the power of these ghosts is not as great as their predecessors. Therefore, XX can now be referred to as ''crippled XX.''
Unable to be harmed by the heavens not to mention by ghosts or humans.
When during a dharma discourse Grandmaster predicts someone will win, that person will surely win. This includes winning prizes.
Every person is subject to karmic causes and effects.
For example, legislators Xu Shuhua and Hong Ciyong, along with some other legislators, came to Grandmaster for divination as to their chances of being elected. Those legislators Grandmaster predicted would win did in fact win.

One will know the karmic causes and effects of seven lifetimes once one attains spiritual union with Cakrasamvara.
XX ''draws tiger and orchids'' [Chinese saying: someone who is deceptive.]
XX claimed that Master Lianning was Grandmaster's son from a past life. XX also claimed Master Lianning once hit Grandmaster because Grandmaster wouldn't resign his position. Incredibly, some people actually believed this hogwash.

In Malaysia various TBS chapters have reported to the Malaysian Vajrayana Association that people in places visited by XX suffered sudden death or mental disorders, or committed suicide. Chang Hong Lei Tsang Temple in Panama had similar
XX related incidents.
We who learn the buddhadharma should strive to benefit others while benefitting ourselves. No one should harm kindhearted and honest TBS disciples.
Able to cause someone to live or die.
Able to be invisible.
Possess a vajra body.
Grandmaster once had an arm wrestling match with his young nephew. As it turned out Grandmaster won the match. In addition, Grandmaster has attained great accomplishment in Vajrayana cultivation. While still young Grandmaster attained mastery of non-leakage and hence no longer experiences leakage.
Cannot be harmed by thieves, robbers, and fierce beasts. Cannot be harmed by the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.
Grandmaster is able to enter into fire and water. Grandmaster knows the fire-escaping formula and can escape fire disasters should he encounter them. All Grandmaster needs to do to escape fire and water related disasters is form mudras and recite mantras.
Able to eradicate plagues.
Able to travel through sky, water, and fire. Able to reach Heavens of End of Form and even higher.
Capable of divine transformation.
Attainment of buddhahood.
If one wants to attain spiritual union with a deity one must often chant the deity's mantra.
The TBS Cakrasamvara lineage comes from Dharma King H.H. the 16th Karmapa through Lama Eba of Bhutan.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng discoursed that it is not Vajrayana if there is no lineage.
In Vajrayana Buddhism lineage is of utmost importance.
Guru Rinpoche discoursed that to gain attainment in spiritual cultivation one must ''honour the Guru, treasure the Dharma, and practice diligently!''
One who claims to have attained spiritual accomplishment without valid lineage is a fake!
One who claims to have attained spiritual accomplishment but does not honor the Root Guru is a phony!
One who claims to have attained spiritual accomplishment but does not treasure the dharma is a liar!
One who claims to have attained spiritual accomplishment without practicing diligently is a fraud!
Practitioners should distinguish these points clearly.

The Cakrasamvara Practice is one of the Five Great Heruka Practices. If one cultivates the Cakrasamvara Practice according to the correct method one will undoubtedly attain buddhahood.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng's precious dharma discourse deeply touched the hearts of more than 70,000 worshippers and disciples. Each and every disciple walked past the empowerment banner in the midst of the Cakrasamvara mantra music recitation. The ceremony was thus auspiciously and perfectly concluded!

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