May 3, 2020, “Heart-to-Heart with the Buddha” series

May 3, 2020, “Heart-to-Heart with the Buddha” series

On May 3, 2020, Grandmaster presided over the much-anticipated Ucchusma homa ceremony.

Upon arrival at Rainbow Temple, Grandmaster and Shimu paid homage to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas at the Main Hall. They also bore witness to the hustle and bustle of volunteers printing registration forms submitted online by disciples worldwide. Everyone did not wish to miss out on registering for this rare Ucchusma homa ceremony.

The registration process for any ceremony is easy and quick on the Rainbow Temple website ( once a person signs up as a member. Therefore, do sign up for membership on the website; try to register for ceremonies early, at least one day in advance.

In the dharma discourse, Grandmaster mentioned that there were many auspicious signs during the homa ceremony. Before the ceremony, there were rain and hailstones, but the weather immediately became sunny and calm thereafter. During the ceremony, Ucchusma promised to eat up all plagues and viruses and to remove all the bad things that are happening right now. The various auspicious signs were indicative of the impending light at the end of the tunnel. The earth would soon be restored to its natural calm. Everyone would soon be sound and safe.

After the ceremony, Grandmaster and Shimu went to the "Double Lotus Realm Columbarium" and paid homage at the shrine. Previously, Grandmaster had said that it would be good if everyone were to live there and listen to his discourses in the future. Just like in Amitabha's Pure Land of Western Paradise, everyone would live in harmony.

The niches at "Double Lotus Realm Columbarium" are limited in numbers, so everyone, take the opportunity to purchase one!

After leaving the "Double Lotus Realm Columbarium", Grandmaster reminisced about the past. Once, they were driving eastwards on the i90, when they saw a rainbow along the way. Fueled by the desire to "chase" the rainbow, they tracked it and finally located the source at the spot where Rainbow Villa would eventually be built. Grandmaster and Shimu recalled how Rainbow Villa was constructed and how the Villa soon became a hotbed of detailed discourses on complete Tantric practices and expositions on Buddhism. In fact, two major Buddhism talks were held there.

Today, Rainbow Temple has become a True Buddha School cultivation venue, due to the generous donation by Grandmaster and Shimu of the place. Since the donation, Rainbow Temple has conducted many large-scale homa ceremonies and delivered many sentient beings. Rainbow Temple's location was (and is still) a precious fengshui spot personally discovered by Grandmaster. Many ceremonies and events were conducted in the past, and auspicious signs were aplenty.

The COVID-19 situation has made it impossible for disciples to attend the ceremonies conducted at Rainbow Temple. It is fortunate that Grandmaster, under legally allowable terms, is able to preside over homa ceremonies and bless everyone who registers for the ceremonies.

In the month of May 2020, Rainbow Temple will hold the following homa ceremonies of the principal deities of: Tiger-Head Vajra, the Tara who saves from contagious diseases, Golden Mother and Hajragriva. These homa ceremonies symbolize the resolve of Grandmaster to harness the powers of homa to save sentient beings from the plague.

While the world awaits for the resolution of the COVID-19 situation, Grandmaster encourages everyone to be diligent in spiritual cultivation. He hopes that everyone will weather the storm to eventually emerge triumphant. When the rainbow appears again, everyone can come and personally see Grandmaster again.

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