Do Not Get Manipulated by Illusions

''Meditation'' and ''hypnosis'' are completely different. The Noble Eightfold Path is the Middle Way.
At all times, Buddhist practitioners should never get manipulated by illusions.

【Reported by Master Liandian in Nantou, Translated by Lynn Ang, Edited by Ron Lee and DJ Chang】On March 25, 2017, at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple, H.H. Living Buddha Lian-sheng has presided over an Earth Mother Bodhisattva Homa Ceremony and bestowed empowerment for the Earth Mother Bodhisattva Uncommon Practice. This is followed by the discourse on ''Lamdre.''

Prior to the ceremony, acting as representatives, Xinzhu's Fuyu Lei Tsang Temple Abbot Master Lianzhen and fellow Masters along with disciples of the temple have respectfully invited Living Buddha Lian-sheng to preside over a White Tara Ceremony on April 16, 2017.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng has then discoursed on today's principal deity, Earth Mother Bodhisattva. Earth Mother Bodhisattva is most excellent and honorable. Who would one pray to for money, wealth and treasure if not Earth Mother Bodhisattva? The wealthiest in heaven are the Four Heavenly Kings and Devanam Indra; at sea, the Dragon King; and on land, the Mountain God, Drdha Prthivi and the Earth deities from various directions. However, the Four Heavenly Kings belong to the ''Dijutian'' Realm that is situated halfway up Mount Sumeru. This heavenly realm also belongs to the Earth Mother Goddess.

Earth Mother Bodhisattva's heart mantra is ''Om。bie-zha。ma-ma。po-li-ti-pi。so-ha。'' In her right hand, Earth Mother Bodhisattva holds a celestial dust-whisk. In her left hand, she holds an Eight Trigram compass. Her left foot steps upon the Earth. Earth Mother Bodhisattva is a lord of provisions. Earth produces all kinds of precious metals including: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, tungsten and manganese. In addition, precious treasures and corals, as well as the seven jewels and eight treasures, all originate from this great earth and belong to Earth Mother Bodhisattva. Furthermore, she also has charge of countries, the five famous Great Mountains of China, the mountain forests, streams, lakes, rivers, seas, etc.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng has announced that he will be heading to Kaohsiung Exhibition Center for the Humsvaranadinitara Grand Ceremony organized by Dayi Cultivation Association. Attaining yogic response with this deity allows one to have one's wishes. Therefore, everyone is welcome to take part tomorrow.

On the topic of Earth Mother being the mother of the great earth, Living Buddha Lian-sheng has indicated that he is not hoping to become the owner of worldly items from the great earth. As an example, Grandmaster Lu has initially paid more than USD $2 million for the construction of Rainbow Villa as his private residence. However, due to unknown reasons, the land that is meant to be for private use is later rezoned for religious use by the local U.S. government.

In response to this phenomenon, Grandmaster has changed Rainbow Villa to Rainbow Temple, a Buddhist community and transfers the deed of the property to Master Lianyin. As such, all administrative and all financial matters are managed by Master Lianyin. Nevertheless, two conditions are required to be met as part of the transfer of ownership:
The property can never be resold.
The property will indefinitely remain as a True Buddha School (TBS) cultivation venue for its disciples.
Although currently, the owner name of Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple is Grandmaster, as a ''Taoist with impunity,'' Grandmaster has little interest in the administrative and financial matters relating to the temple. Therefore, in a similar fashion, the ownership of Taiwan Lei Tsang temple will be transferred to Master Lianzhe in the future, along with the two conditions as part of the transfer of ownership:
The property can never be resold.
The property will remain indefinitely as a True Buddha School (TBS) cultivation venue for its disciples.
Next, Grandmaster has discoursed that one does not own one's physical body. Nevertheless, in the past, XX has commented that Earth Mother Bodhisattva placed a talisman on XX's forehead and remarked ''whatever you say goes!'' Everyone needs to be aware that not even Jade Emperor, buddhas and bodhisattvas, nor the President himself can have the final say, let alone XX. It can clearly be seen that XX is therefore telling lies.

Today, many disciples have come to seek purification blessings. One of the disciples has wished to know why none of the 16 senior reverends under XX's reign do not get possessed? This is because every reverend carries a miniature statue of Earth Deity that has been personally consecrated by XX. These so called ''Earth Deities'' are in fact ''ghosts.'' On encountering these statues, ghosts will see them as other ghosts and will not take possession of the reverends. It is for this reason that these reverends do not become possessed. However, the reverends all have phantom and auditory hallucinations.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng has continued with a discourse on the Lamdre. The vase empowerment belongs to generation stage, whereas level two, level three and Great Perfection empowerments are at completion stage.

''Meditation'' and ''hypnosis'' are completely different. XX can tour the underworld. This is performed using implied hallucination because in actual fact, XX has a license to perform hypnosis. Therefore, undoubtedly, these 16 reverends experience hallucinations. Think about it…how can one consider the worshipping of ghosts to be true and genuine dharma?! Similarly, patients suffering from mental illness experience phantom and auditory hallucinations. What one observes in meditation is an authentic experience whereas hypnosis presents illusions.

The teachings of Lamdre states that ''My Master (Root Guru) is most majestic and extraordinary.'' The highest reverent conduct occurs when a disciple pays homage to his Root Guru by touching the Root Guru's lotus feet with his head.

The Middle Way is to follow the Noble Eightfold Path. As Buddhist practitioners, we should never become manipulated by illusions. Instead, most importantly, we should follow the right path with right view.

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