What Is the Mascot of 2023 Guimao Year?

What Is the Mascot of 2023 Guimao Year?

Grandmaster bestowed the wealth mascot of the 2023 Guimao Year on the True Buddha Foundation (TBF).

TBF carefully designed the 2023 Guimao Year wealth mascot according to instructions given by Grandmaster. Sponsors who donate USD 88, NTD 2880, RM 398, or RP 1.388.000 to the TBF Infrastructure Fund will receive their own wealth mascot. The mascot will bring recipients light and good fortune in the coming new year.

Sponsors are responsible for shipping costs, which will be determined at a later date. Please order soon as only a limited number of wealth mascots are available.

Order Placement:

  1. Place order at cultivation venue.
  2. Place order at True Buddha Meritorious Association by following this link:

Information Hotlines:
US, Canadian, and European time zones:
宗委會辦事處-1 TBF-SEA
LINE ID:tbf-seattle

Taiwan, Asia, and other time zones:
宗委會辦事處-2 TBF-TWN
LINE ID:tbf0965352639twn

South East Asia (individuals only):
Tel/ WhatsApp:+60-1479 46794
Or, open the WhatsApp throughhttps://bit.ly/3BMxYBo

South East Asia (cultivation venues only):
The Federation of True Buddha School Malaysia
Dharma Instructor Ximei (蓮花細妹講師)
Tel/ WhatsApp:+60-12450 2338

Dharma Instructor Hendrik Js (蓮花耀輝講師)
Tel/ WhatsApp:+628116105623

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: DJ Chang
Editor: Henry Wolf

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