Happy Mother's Day!!

A true champion-words which describe every mother.

And if every mother is a champion, True Buddha School (TBS) Vajra Master Lianxiang, Shimu, is the champion of champions.

As a mother, Shimu not only looks after her own family with meticulous care, she is also friendly and affectionate toward all TBS disciples and visitors, giving personal attention and kindness to each and every one.

Shimu plays a hands-on role when it comes to TBS affairs, approaching all matters large and small with practical strategies and timely solutions. In all major events.and ceremonies, Shimu can be found supervising behind the scenes, providing guidance and making detailed arrangements.

In the past, Grandmaster revealed that Shimu Master Lianxiang is an emanation of Mahasri. Shimu demonstrated her artistic aptitude by personally designing the uniforms and other attire of TBS Dharma propagating personnel. Her creative and thoughtful designs incorporate style and comfort with day-to-day work requirements of spreading the Dharma and publishing educational materials.

Shimu has greatly contributed to the arts and culture of TBS by founding the Heavenly Harmony Choir and Sunshine Dance Troupe.

In her role as advisor to the True Buddha Prajna Treasury, Shimu works tirelessly to promote the publication and dissemination of all Grandmaster’s written works.

Shimu does an outstanding job of facilitating interaction between various personnel and cultivation venues. She is the wonderful and caring mother that the big family of TBS requires and relies on.

On Mother’s Day, let’s honor our amazing Champion, Shimu. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Shimu for her continuous care, contribution, and dedication.

We pray that Shimu will be unhindered in all her undertakings, and above all, be blessed with a long and healthy life. Happy Mother’s Day, Shimu!

Wishing all mothers around the world a Happy Mother’s Day. You are all a true champion!!

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang

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