The power of a Collective Dedication of Merit Is Tremendous

【Interaction Is Power Q&A #26】
On July 5, 2020, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu presided over a Longevity Buddha Homa Ceremony at Rainbow Temple and Discoursed Lamdre #313

Q145:Long ago, Reverend Ananda’s failure to persuade Shakyamuni Buddha to not enter Nirvana and stay longer in the world was indeed a pity for later generations of Buddhist disciples. Nowadays, how should True Buddha disciples perform daily cultivation and actually practice, so that disciples’ power can be collected to eliminate obstacles to Grandmaster’s longevity?

A145:In regard to this matter, there are already many disciples at every ceremony praying for Grandmaster’s health and longevity. Our performing this Amitayus Tathagata Homa today is also meant to be helpful to Grandmaster.

“How can disciples cultivate and actually practice, so that their power can be collected to eliminate obstacles to Grandmaster’s longevity?” This disciple is very caring and concerned about Grandmaster. Health and longevity are both very important.

If you wish Grandmaster to be here expounding the Dharma everyday, upon completing your daily practice, you may, in addition, add a dedication of merit to this wish. When a large number of disciples dedicate collectively, the power is tremendous.

Therefore, I have stated that group practice is extremely important. The power generated by group practice is far greater than the power generated by one’s individual practice. However, since disciples are scattered all over, it is sufficient if everyone adds the wish to their dedication of merit. That is, when dedicating the merit, it will suffice to dedicate the merit to the health and longevity of Grandmaster so that Grandmaster can stay long in the world.

The key point is, when actually performing a practice, there is a kind of personal power generated by one’s dedication of merit. If everyone dedicates the merit in this way, this is equivalent to a collective dedication of merit, the power of which is tremendous.

I remember the story about Maudgalyayana’s journey to hell to save his mother who was in the realm of hungry ghosts. When he got to hell, because his mother was in the hungry ghost realm, it was impossible for her to eat anything. Food was transformed into fire as soon as it reached her mouth. Maudgalyayana used his great supernatural power to enter the hell realm. He saw his mother and provided a large amount of food to her. But as soon as the food reached her mouth, it was transformed into burning charcoal. Therefore, despite his great supernatural power, Maudgalyayana had to return to the saha world. He told Shakyamuni about the situation. Shakyamuni said, “Only through the collective power of the holy Sangha can your mother be delivered from the hungry ghost realm. Just your personal power is not sufficient. Maudgalyayana, although you have great supernatural power, it’s still not enough to deliver your mother. To deliver your mother, you must use the collective power of the Sangha.”

Later, this became the Ullambana Festival, namely the Chungyuan Universal Deliverance of Ghost Festival which collects the power of the Sangha to perform deliverance. This is the so-called Chungyuan Universal Deliverance.

In other words, the power of one person is not sufficient, but collective dedication of merit transforms into a kind of power. This power can eliminate obstacles to health and longevity. This is my answer to you all.
【Worldwide relay recitation of the Longevity Buddha and Padmakumara mantras for 24 hours to supplicate Guru Buddha to stay in the world】
We are asking True Buddha disciples to unitedly make a relay effort to recite the mantras of Padmakumara and Amitayus for 24 hours, pray to the Root Lineage Guru for the great lineage blessings with this collective mind power, invoke and make offerings to Padmakumara and Amitayus, and pray that the Guru Buddha will enjoy good health and longevity, be happy and unhindered, turn the Dharma wheel forever, and benefit and bliss infinite sentient beings.

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11:00 AM on June 27, group cultivation with Grandmaster and his collective dedication of merit.

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