Replace the Pillar!

【Thousands reciting the True Buddha Sutra】~ A spiritual response of the True Buddha Sutra
"Replace the Pillar", Sheng-yen Lu Book 253, Dreaming of Grand Master Lu

A female disciple, Lianhua Jiamei, lived in a wooden house by a lake in Southeast Asia. She had a husband who was healthy, optimistic and hardworking. She gave birth to two sons, both of whom were well-behaved. In addition to maintaining her own family responsibilities, Lianhua Jiamei also worked from home to supplement the family income. The family of four was joyous and harmonious.

Lianhua Jiamei personally described how she came to take refuge:
She had a relative who lived in Thailand and was a disciple of True Buddha School. He introduced her to the True Buddha School. She requested refuge empowerment by mail and received empowerment remotely.

She had never been to Lei Tsang Temple in Taiwan, Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple in Seattle, or any cultivation venue in Thailand, nor had she ever attended a True Buddha School Dharma ceremony. However, she had enshrined a picture of Grandmaster Lu on a simple altar.

Having a copy of the True Buddha Sutra and a copy of the High King Sutra, on a daily basis, she chanted “Om, gu-ru, lian-sheng, sid-dhi, hum", the True Buddha Sutra, and the High King Sutra. There was no True Buddha School cultivation venue in Cambodia, where she lived.

One night, she unexpectedly dreamed of Grandmaster Lu:
Grandmaster Lu walked down from the altar. She was eating with her husband and two children. Grandmaster Lu sat down with them. They all ate together like a family, chatting about domestic matters.

In the dream when chatting, Grandmaster Lu was like an elder member of the family who really enjoyed the salted fish. He repeatedly commented on how delicious it was.

Grandmaster Lu said, “In the coming year, your husband’s fruit and vegetable business will be even better! Your children will perform well in school. One child will go on to be a big boss in the business community, whereas the other will go into politics and become a highly regarded government official.” Grandmaster Lu praised Lianhua Jiamei for chanting the Guru Heart Mantra even while working, and for really persevering and keeping at it.

At the end, when Grandmaster Lu had finished his meal, he said, “This house has four major pillars. One of these big pillars is already rotted out. Replace this pillar!” Grandmaster made a special point by repeating this three times. What was truly amazing was that a ray of sunlight shone into the house. Grandmaster Lu ascended slowly, riding into the sunset as if riding a horse, and disappeared.

This dream was just too vivid! After waking up, she told her husband about her dream. He believed her and immediately sent someone to check the pillars of the house. Indeed, there was a pillar that was seriously rotten. It had been eaten away by insects and was almost to the point of breaking down. (Measures to protect that pillar from moisture and insects had been neglected)

If it had broken down, the consequences would have been extremely severe. Luckily, Grandmaster Lu warned about it in the dream. Otherwise the house would have collapsed and the result would have been disastrous. Lianhua Jiamei thanked Grandmaster Lu.

Grandmaster Lu pointed out:
If a house collapses, one can rebuild it. However, if a practitioner does not have compassion, tolerance, and faith in his heart, that is a real collapse. What is truly dangerous is losing faith in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Root Guru!

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