Cancerous Tumors Indeed Disappeared

【Thousands reciting the True Buddha Sutra】~ A spiritual response of the True Buddha Sutra
Dharma King Lian-sheng once discoursed that the power of the True Buddha Sutra is truly magnificent. This article demonstrates that a miracle can occur if one recites the True Buddha Sutra sincerely!

"Tumors Indeed Disappeared", Sheng-yen Lu’s Book 173, One Dream, One World

After receiving chemotherapy in the Oncology Department of a large hospital, two cancer patients were conversing, "Today, your life and mine could expire in a moment. Is there any way we can be saved?"
Another person smiled bitterly, "By a miracle."
The questioner was speechless.
"Do miracles exist in this world?"
The person who had smiled bitterly replied, "In hope of a miracle, of manifestation of Buddhadharma, or of being saved by the gods in heaven, there are those who single-mindedly recite the name of Amitabha Buddha or Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, or a sutra.
"Are they saved?"
“Some are, but some are not.”
"Why not?"
"All depends on fate."

The person who smiled bitterly continued, "Some people with cancer receive chemotherapy and go into complete remission. Other patients never get cured. Why? It comes down to fate!"
The cancer patient replied,
"Yes, that’s true."
The other person said,
"Someone gave me a sutra, which happened to be the True Buddha Sutra. I’m going to give it to you. Who knows? Perhaps you have an affinity with it. Read it with faith! Faith is of utmost importance."
The questioner recited the True Buddha Sutra and the heart mantra. Later, in a dream, the questioner saw someone reach into his lungs and pull out something dirty. He felt relaxed. Suddenly, the pain eased, then vanished completely. The person who had smiled bitterly then said, "You have an affinity. Your illness will be cured, and you will live to the age of ninety-nine."

After waking up the next day, this cancer patient received a full physical exam. Strangely enough, all the cancerous cells had totally disappeared. They had completely vanished. But the bitterly-smiling patient who had given him the True Buddha Sutra had passed away, liberated.

The cured cancer patient took the True Buddha Sutra to a temple and asked the ordained Sangha and laymen in the temple if they knew about it. They all said, "We have never heard of this scripture." After looking into it for a long time, the cancer patient found out that the True Buddha Sutra was revealed from the heart of Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu. He wanted to find me to thank me, but I was in retreat and not seeing anyone.

He went to Lei Tsang Temple to receive empowerment. He told everyone, "In a dream, I saw someone pulling filthy things out of my lungs. That person was none other than Grandmaster Sheng-yen Lu."
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