A Spiritual Response from Printing the True Buddha Sutra

【Thousands reciting the True Buddha Sutra】~ A spiritual response of the True Buddha Sutra
"A Spiritual Response from Printing the True Buddha Sutra", Sheng-yen Lu Book 173, One Dream, One World

As I journeyed through the underworld, I saw an underworld officer leading an old man to a pure celestial realm. The old man had been suffering in hell, but was now on his way to heaven. This seemed strange.

I asked, “What is the surname of the old man?”
“How is he able to go to heaven?”
“It’s because one of Weng’s descendants dedicated the merit of printing 3,000 copies of the True Buddha Sutra.”
“How do you know it’s because of printing the True Buddha Sutra?”
“His descendant obtained a copy of the True Buddha Sutra in a temple. He paid attention to the text of the sutra, which teaches purification of body, speech, and mind. The sutra also instructs people to take no-mind as the right enlightenment. This is the right way to understand the mind and see the Buddha-nature. He believed in the sutra and recited the sutra persistently."

The elder Weng said that after chanting the True Buddha Sutra, his descendant received a spiritual response in a dream, where he saw his ancestors suffering in hell. A person surrounded with thousands of rays of golden light came to tell him that if he printed the True Buddha Sutra, his ancestors would be freed from suffering.

When waking up, the descendant didn't take the dream seriously, thinking it was merely a reflection of what he had thought about during the day. The following two nights, he had the same dream, so he started to believe it was real. He provided money from his savings to reverends of Lei Tsang Temple for the purpose of jointly raising funds to print the True Buddha Sutra. Because of his descendant’s efforts, the elder Weng was able to escape the suffering of hell and ascend to the heavens.

Later, when I learned of this, I noticed that the the descendant received even more blessings from printing the True Buddha Sutra:
1. Ancestors ascended to heaven.
2. Won a grand prize and purchased three mansions.
3. All three children admitted to prestigious universities.
4. Promotion to a higher official position.

I personally believe that printing virtuous books generates great merit. Of course, besides the True Buddha Sutra, one may also print the High King Sutra, Liaofan’s Four Lessons, The White-robed Avalokitesvara Dharani, Jade Calendar Treasure Notes, Lord Superior Wen Chang's Tract On The First Step Towards Non-Abidance, The Universal Gate Sutra, Buddhist scriptures, and virtuous teaching articles. All have great merit and benefit.

The Flower Garland Sutra Scroll 68:
Sages are found in the mountains in the sea islands.
Supremely pure because formed from treasures
Flowers, fruits, and trees everywhere
Ample springs and ponds
The courageous and powerful sage Avalokitesvara
Lives among these mountains for the benefit of sentient beings.
One should go ask him about merit
He will show you expediency.
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