The Essence of the Lotus Sutra Live Celebrity Lecture by Ambassador Daniel T.C. Liao

Great news! Live Celebrity Lectures: Ambassador Daniel T.C. Liao will share the essence of the Lotus Sutra!

Edu-Acad #20210038: Live Celebrity Lectures! Ambassador Daniel T.C. Liao shares the essence of the Lotus Sutra!

True Buddha School Online University and Zhong Guan Chapter will once again jointly host a series of live celebrity lectures!

● Topic: An in-depth study of Buddhist scriptures to uncover the true meaning of Buddhadharma. The Lotus Sutra deserves close study and its principles should be upheld over one’s entire lifetime.

● Featured Lecturer: Ambassador Daniel T.C. Liao

● Date/Time: Every Saturday of April, May, and June 2:00 – 5:00 PM (Taiwan date and time)
(No lectures on April 3 and May 1. June 5 is the only day scheduled for June.)
*Other countries: please refer to the time converter.

【Please see course content below for further details】
One may not know the great power and merit of the Lotus Sutra. One who upholds the Lotus Sutra will be blessed with longevity. In fact, Shakyamuni Buddha was clear empirical proof. He significantly extended his lifespan and swiftly accomplished Buddhahood as a result of hearing and upholding the Lotus Sutra. What is even more stunning is that the World Honored One prophesied that in future lifetimes, vast numbers of sentient beings who hear, recite and uphold the sutra just as he had would all attain Buddhahood!

One may not know that the Lotus Assembly at Vulture's Peak is actually still in progress. After a millennium, great masters and sages who had learned and upheld the Lotus Sutra entered into deep meditation where they could hear the resonating Dharma sound of the Buddha discoursing the vast, infinite, and absolute truth of the Lotus Sutra.

Listeners responded with enthusiasm to Ambassador Liao’s introduction of the Lotus Sutra in his first lecture of the Zhong Guan Humanities Lecture series. In these subsequent appearances, Ambassador Liao will continue his thorough review of the Lotus Sutra in a series of eight lectures. Attendees will embark on a journey filled with the essence of Dharma, be led through time and space, enter the Ling Jiou Mountain, and gather together in the presence of the Buddha.


[Lecture participation options:]

Location: Zhong Guan Healthy Land for Compassionate and Venerable Practitioners (B1, No. 69, Section 2, Chongqing North Road, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC)

Dedicated registration phone no.:02-2550-8599

Note: Due to COVID-19 safety measures, the lecture will adhere to the Real Name System, and will be accepting seminar registrations beginning today.

2、Via live webcast~

▲Through Zhong Guan’s website :

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▲ Through True Buddha School Online University’s Global Online Group Practice YouTube Channel :

Note: Registration is not required for live webcast participants.


[Lecture Content]
April 10:Chapters 1-3 of the Lotus Sutra
April 17:Chapters 1-3 of the Lotus Sutra
April 24:Chapters 7 & 8 of the Lotus Sutra, and the Four Noble Truths
May 8:Chapters 9 & 10 of the Lotus Sutra , The Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination and the Three Doors of Liberation
May 15:Chapters 11-14 of the Lotus Sutra, the Four Mindfulnesses, the Four Proper Endeavours, the Four Supernatural Powers, and the Seven Components of Awakening
May 22:Chapters 15 – 18 of the Lotus Sutra, the Five Aggregates, the Six Sense Organs, the Six Dusts, Detachment from the Five Aggregates, and Liberation from Suffering
May 29:Chapters 19 – 24 of the Lotus Sutra
June 5:Chapters 25 – 28 of the Lotus Sutra, Eightfold Path, A Preliminary Study of the Samyukta Agama

[A Brief Introduction of Speaker Ambassador Liao]
Ambassador Daniel T.C. Liao has served in diplomatic circles for 40 years. He began his study of Buddhism in 1999 by reading the Diamond Sutra. In 2008, due to predestined Dharma affinity when he was on a diplomatic mission in Seattle, he met Grandmaster Lu and began learning the True Buddha Tantric Dharma. In 2013, Ambassador Liao took refuge in Living Buddha Lian-sheng. As a TBS disciple, he honored the Root Guru, treasured the Dharma, practiced diligently, and ultimately gained tremendous benefits. In response to Grandmaster encouraging disciples to engage in wholehearted study of Buddhist scriptures, Ambassador Liao resolved to devote himself to learning key scriptures contained in the Chinese Buddhist Canon. While engaging in this in-depth research, Ambassador Liao authenticated Dharma teachings discoursed by Grandmaster over the years and reached an epiphany. This experience of personal growth greatly enhanced his spiritual cultivation and contributed significantly to his personal and professional life. Ambassador Liao hopes to share his Dharma joy and the knowledge he has gained with fellow disciples.

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Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editor: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang

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