Grandmaster will Conduct a Sheng Ji Ceremony on Sep. 4th, 2016!

Fantastic News!!! On Sep. 4th, 2016, HH Living Buddha Lian-sheng will conduct a Sheng Ji (Life Essence Burial) Ceremony at Rainbow Temple!

Compassionate Root Lineage Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu has responded to his disciples' request and will conduct another Sheng Ji Ceremony at Rainbow Temple on Sunday, September 4th, 2016!

Everyone please deliver the ''life essence'' required for the Sheng Ji Ceremony to Rainbow Temple by August 28th. Rainbow Temple cannot guarantee that life essence received after August 28th will be buried and blessed in time for the Sheng Ji Ceremony conducted by Grandmaster. Therefore, we urge everyone to mail the required life essence to Rainbow Temple as soon as possible to avoid missing this great opportunity.

The life essence required for the Sheng Ji ceremony is: fingernails, toenails, a small amount of hair, and a small piece cut off from one's well-used undershirt and/or underwear. Please seal all the life essence in a small envelope about the size of a small red offering envelope. The envelope containing life essence can be any color. In addition, please note your name and birthdate on the life essence envelope.

As we expect a large number of envelopes will be delivered to us, participants can speed up processing and make it more effective by helping as follows:
Please note ''Sheng Ji'' on the outer mailing envelope and on the envelope containing life essence for the burial ceremony as well. Use a separate red envelope for offerings to Grandmaster.
We will not reply to any Sheng Ji mail. If a reply is requested, please note ''reply needed'' and provide a clearly legible self-addressed return envelope. Rainbow Temple is not responsible for any mail which can't be processed due to problems with the return address.
Please do not include any other requests such as requests for registration, spiritual consultation, blessings, or a talisman in the mail intended for the Sheng Ji Ceremony. The Sheng Ji mail must only contain objects pertaining to Sheng Ji. Rainbow Temple is not responsible for any ''other requests'' mentioned above. These ''other requests'' should be mailed directly to True Buddha Foundation.
We appreciate your cooperation!

⓪ To read more about the ''Sheng Ji Practice'' see Living Buddha Lian Sheng's June 23rd, 2012 dharma discourse on Padmasambhava Principal Deity Practice. One may also refer to Sheng Ji Practice Transmitted by Taoist Master Qing Zhen in Cryptic Meaning Behind Geomancy for Yin Residences, Book 73 of Living Buddha Lian Sheng Sheng-yen Lu's corpus.
Sheng Ji Mailing Address:
Rainbow Temple
14310 476th Ave. SE
North Bend, WA
98045-7931 U.S.A.
Tel: 425-888-3677
Fax: 425-888-9008

Translation of Chinese script:
Sheng Ji is useful for worldly affairs and undertakings. It can change one's fate.
By wisely taking advantage of the earth's spiritual energy one can revise and correct sickness and misfortune. Sheng Ji is a method of changing one's destiny. It has little connection with the ''otherworldly'' but more to do with aspects of geomancy.
The meaning of the Sheng Ji Practice is:
If one suffers from bad luck and misfortune, one should find a location with positive ''spiritual energy'' that will change one's luck for the better.
If one is lacking wealth, one will become rich after one's life essence is buried in a ''highly positive feng shui'' pit in connection with performance of the Sheng Ji Ceremony.
Sheng Ji is also useful if one is lacking a desired high position. Following the Sheng Ji Practice one will soon become a person of prestigious position.
If one desires a wife, after participating in the Sheng Ji Ceremony, one's wish will be fulfilled by marrying a capable wife who will be a suitable mother and helpful spouse in the future.
After performing the Sheng Ji Practice, one's previously weak body will become strong.
The above enhancements of one's fate are due to the ''qi'' of an especially spiritual location on earth. This method of ''life essence burial'' is called ''Sheng Ji Practice.''
(The above passage is excerpted from Living Buddha Lian-sheng's June 23rd, 2012 dharma discourse regarding Padmasambhava Principal Deity Practice given at Seattle Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple, USA)

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