Sept. 17, 2020 Rainbow Temple Notification

《Sept. 17, 2020 Rainbow Temple Notification》

As of today, the rule requiring a 14-day quarantine period for out of country and out of state participants in Dharma ceremonies held at Rainbow Temple is cancelled.

However, State of Washington health regulations still require participants in public gatherings to wear face masks or other face coverings both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, we are asking ceremony participants to strictly abide by face mask regulations and maintain six feet of social distancing at all times.

For Sunday homa ceremonies, Rainbow Temple will open its doors to disciples from 1:00-2:30PM. Currently, due to space limitations, only Rinpoches, Masters, Reverends, and volunteers designated by Rainbow Temple to assist with the homa ceremony will be authorized entrance into the Homa Hall. All other disciples who have come to Rainbow Temple to participate in the homa ceremony are asked to park in the designated parking lot and participate in the ceremony in their cars via the webcast. During the empowerment portion of the ceremony, disciples should follow the guidance of security personnel, and maintain safe social distancing while entering the Homa Hall for the empowerment. Participants please go back to their vehicles following the empowerment, and return home at the conclusion of the ceremony. Disciples are kindly asked to limit their activities to the parking lot. Please do not enter the main hall of Rainbow Temple at anytime or the Homa Hall anytime other than the empowerment period.

All disciples participating in the homa ceremony can download a Rainbow Temple Visitor Health Declaration Form from the Rainbow Temple website prior to the ceremony, complete the form in advance, and turn it in to personnel stationed at the Rainbow Temple entrance prior to the Sunday ceremony. Participants must also undergo body temperature screening and comply with any other required COVID-19 preventive measures prior to entering temple grounds. Anyone who is unable to comply with mandated COVID-19 preventive measures will be denied entrance to temple grounds.

Other than audiovisual personnel designated by Rainbow Temple and Seattle Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple, no ceremony participants are allowed to film or take photos after entering Rainbow Temple grounds. We are asking our virtuous disciples to not bring pets to temple grounds.

The main hall of Rainbow Temple will not be open to the public for on site registration for the homa ceremony. Disciples should make every effort to pre-register for the homa as ceremony sponsors or as ceremony regular participants by registering online, by email, or by fax. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We thank everyone for their cooperation in complying with COVID-19 preventive measures to protect themselves and others, and to provide a safe and healthy environment for Grandmaster and Shimu. We look forward to a completely safe and healthy environment for the Root Guru to continue to spread the Dharma to sentient beings and bless all disciples with peace and good health.

Best Regards,
Rainbow Temple Board of Directors
Sept. 17, 2020

Translated by TBTTs
Translated by Henry Wolf
Edited by DJ Chang

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