Grandmaster Has Been Discharged and Is Resting at Home!

Great News!! Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu was discharged from the hospital this evening and is recuperating at home!!

【Reported by Shi Liandian, Translated by DJ Chang, Edited by Henry Wolf】
On the evening of May 2nd, 2016 (China Standard Time), after a joint consultation by a professional medical team, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu was approved for discharge from the hospital!

Through many days of attentive care by his medical team, the daily accompaniment of Shimu Master Lianxiang and his attending entourage, and the heartfelt supplications of his disciples, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Grandmaster Lu's recovery progressed greatly day by day. This evening, after a joint consultation by a professional medical team, Grandmaster was approved for discharge from the hospital and was able to return home!

Special thanks to Dr. Zheng Senlong for his highly attentive arrangement of all medical care and his dedicated effort, thorough analysis and treatment of Grandmaster. We also extend our appreciation to Dr. Cao, Dr. Lu, Dr. Cai, the nurse practitioner, dietitian, and all the other medical staff for their diagnosis and treatment.

Although Grandmaster has been discharged from the hospital, he will still require sufficient rest to recuperate. Shimu Master Lianxiang has specially consulted with the nutritionist to understand what Grandmaster's nutritional and dietary needs will be after his discharge. Shimu Master Lianxiang would also like to thank all the disciples for their concern and dedication. Shimu will follow the physicians' assessment and assist Grandmaster to have a best recovery.

We ask everyone please continue dedicating the merit of mantra recitations to ''Buddha's health, longevity, and staying in the world!'' As of this moment of writing, the total count of Amitayus mantra recitation is 4,555,209 and rising rapidly daily…

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Let's chant the mantra with the most sincere mind, dedicate the merit together, and transform the collective mind power to the strongest blessing!

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