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Dharma King Lu Sheng-yen will be in Guam from May 3rd to May 8th for the Dharma Ceremony of The Green Tara and at the same time grant the empowerment of the Green Tara and her 21 transformations, as well as the consecration of Usnisa Vijaya Stupa.

Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Dharma King Lu Sheng-yen will be awarded the Most Accomplished and Honorable Citizen, by the Governor of Guam and the Senate leader of Guam. We welcome Dharma brothers and sisters from all over the world to personally observe and share in our happiness!

Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Lu Sheng-yen had said that, in Tibet, the great Bodhisattva, Green Tara is a savior of this world. Many woman cultivator of Vajrayana Buddhism cultivate the Green Tara Dharma. She sits on the White Lotus. Her vow is Ah Wa Lu Ge De Si Wa La. She was formed from a tear shed for the sentient beings by Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. This is the reason why she is the most compassionate of all Bodhisattvas.

In Tibet, the Green Tara has 21 transformations. The White Tara and Green Tara are like sisters, both are greatly respected Bodhisattvas and most easiest to obtain response from. Some people cultivate the Green Tara Dharma all their lives and obtained great wisdom. People need only to sincerely recite her name or recite her Mantra to reach cultivation fruition.

The three attainments from cultivation of the Green Tara Dharma are:
1. Transform your heart to the heart of the great compassionate savior as the eternal heart of the Bodhisattva.
2. Will be able to reach enlightenment and recognize Buddha Nature and The Pure Land of Eternal Calm Light.
3. Attain all auspicious wisdom of this world. First, according to forms, obtain worldly fortunes, and then departing from forms to obtain the Pure Land out of this world.

When Shakyamuni Buddha meditated under the Bodhi Tree, it was the Green Tara who sat on top of his head. Therefore this is the lineage from the Green Tara.

Footnote: The following are the names for the 21 Taras:
The Green Tara, Disaster Rescuer Tara, Earthquake Disaster Rescuer Tara, Flood Disaster Rescuer Tara, Fire Disaster Rescuer Tara, Wind Disaster Rescuer Tara, Increase Wisdom and Fortunes Tara, Sky Disaster Rescuer Tara, War Disaster Rescuer Tara, Legal Disaster Rescuer Tara, Robber Disaster Rescuer Tara, Increase Power Tara, Mara Disaster Rescuer Tara, Animal Disaster Rescuer Tara, Poison Disaster Rescuer Tara, Subjugate Mara Tara, Medicine King Tara, Longevity Tara (aka White Tara), Treasure Source Tara, Wish Granting Tara.

The Guam Trip Itinerary of Living Buddha Liansheng, Dharma King Lu Sheng-yen is as follows:
Saturday, May 3rd at 11pm Living Buddha Liansheng, Dharma King Lu Sheng-yen and Master Lianshan will depart from Taiwan Tao Yuen International Airport to Guam. (a three and a half hour flight).
Sunday, May 4th
5AM [Arrival Guam]
2PM [Meet the Press]
8PM [Consecration of the 飈omplete Enlightenment Temple?[圓覺堂] of True Buddha School by GM and His Holiness grants the empowerment of the Dharma of Homa Offerings.]

Monday, May 5th
9AM [Meetings with Guam Government Officials]
3:30PM [Opening and consecration ceremony for Usinisa Vijaya Stupa as well as the official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the community performance stage. ]
4PM [Living Buddha Liansheng, Dharma King Sheng-yen Lu to preside over the Green Tara Ceremony and its empowerment at the Tamuning Mayor Office Park which is also the address of the Usinisa Vijava Stupa is :
Tamuning Mayor Office Park. (The Park is in the center of Tamuning City at the intersection of Route 1 and Saint Antonio Road.)]
This will be the first time Living Buddha Liansheng, Dharma King Lu Sheng-yen granting the empowerment of the Green Tara and her twenty-one transformations.

5:30PM [Performances by the students of Chinese School of Guam]

Tuesday, May 6th
11:30AM to 2PM [Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Dharma King Lu Sheng-yen will arrive at the mansion of the Governor to receive the award of The Highest Achievement Award and the Most Honorable Citizen Award from the Governor and the Leader of the Senate of Guam. Everyone is welcome to attend and to witness this honorable moment in history! At the welcoming party of the Governor of Guam will be a birthday celebration for Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Dharma King Lu Sheng-yen at the mansion, and at the same time a grant for the charity organization of first lady Christine Calvo Rigalu]
7PM [Gratitude Dinner for Grand Master]

Wednesday, May 7th
10AM [Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Dharma King Lu Sheng-yen receives visitation from Guam officials]
2PM [Half day tour of Guam]

Thursday, May 8th
6AM [Departure from Guam back to Taiwan]

Dharma brothers and sisters who wish to attend the ceremony, please contact event organizer,
The Pacific Island International Travel Agency.
Contact Information:
Web: http://www.pic-travel.com.tw
Email: picinfo@pic-travel.com.tw
Tel: +886-2-2571-2348
Fax: +886-2-2571-3038, or +886-2-2571-2606

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