The 2019 True Buddha School Grand Feast Offering to Sangha Ceremony

The 2019 True Buddha School Grand Feast Offering to Sangha Ceremony, organized by the True Buddha Foundation and the Federation of True Buddha School Malaysia, Will Soon Be Held in Malaysia!!

We sincerely invite Master Shi Lianseng to preside over this year's ''Grand Feast Offering to Sangha Ceremony'', worldwide masters and reverends of True Buddha School (TBS) to support the ceremony, and all the TBS disciples to attend this marvellous event.

The attendees not only can take this opportunity to make offerings to a large community of sangha, they can also participate in the extraordinary Buddhist group practice with the sangha, perform feast offerings, and form good affinities with both TBS and Non-TBS disciples. More importantly, everyone can pray together for the buddha to stay in this world.

The word ''seng'' (Chinese) derives from the Sanskrit word ''sangha''. It means ''monastic community,'' that is, monastics who believe in the doctrines of the Buddha and practice the teachings of the Buddha. They abide by the Six Principles of Reverent Harmony, living harmoniously together as a group, thus the word refers to a community. Sangha, as an ordained Buddhist group, requires at least four monastics. A single monastic cannot be called sangha. Just like a lone soldier cannot be considered as a troop, only just as a soldier. Monastics are regarded as good friends and the field of blessings of sentient beings as they help sentient beings to generate merits and blessings. Thus, they are also known as field-of-blessing monastics.

What is the importance of making offerings to sangha? In the past, Maudgalyayana desired to save his mother from suffering in the hungry ghost realm. Shakyamuni therefore instructed him to sincerely perform grand feast offerings held in purified containers to sangha on July 15 of the lunar calendar, the completion day of the Buddha's community summer retreat and the Buddha's joyful day. Only with the merit of making these grand offerings to the sangha was Maudgalyayana then able to liberate his mother from the evil realm. This was how Ullambana Festival was originated. Therefore, even Maudgalyayana who was known for his paranormal power still required to capitalize on the merit of the offerings to sangha for the deliverance of his mother, not to mention an ordinary human being. Hence, Buddhists should also accumulate their merits by making offerings to sangha.

We earnestly welcome everyone to participate in this series of meaningful events to boundlessly enhance good fortune, merit and provisions for oneself and family members. Don't miss out on this good opportunity!

2019 Offerings to Sangha Ceremony
Date: November 3, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: The Harmopeace Oldfolks Home

Contact Information:
Federal Tantric Buddhism Chen Foh Chong Malaysia (+6) 03-3374 9399
Reverend Shi Lianxuan (+6)012-261 7861
Dharma Instructor Ximei (+6) 012-450 2338
Dharma Assistant Shiyi (+6) 016-337 8301

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Yangming Peng
Editors: DJ Chang and Angeline Oh

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