True Buddha Video APP

Great News!! True Buddha School Net (TBSN), the official True Buddha School website, is pleased to announce its first app for mobile True Buddha Video. The app is available now for download.

Under the blessings of Root Guru, Master Lianning of the True Buddha Foundation guided and actively encouraged the TBSN team, who successfully launched the ''True Buddha Video app.''

This user-friendly app provides a live webcast of Living Buddha Lian-sheng's dharma ceremonies. Users will be able to conveniently and instantly view Living Buddha Lian-sheng's valuable dharma talks and many other interesting videos.

This app advances the TBSN goal of ''promoting dharma through real time internet video!!''

TBSN continues to strive to facilitate everyone learning from Living Buddha Lian-sheng's Buddhist teachings and from his example.

For iPhone / iPad users, download the app from Appstore by searching for ''True Buddha'' or by scanning the code below.

For Android / Tablet users, download the app from Google Playstore by searching for ''True Buddha'' or by scanning the code below.

The TBSN team appreciates the support received from all True Buddha disciples; we continue to put disciples needs first!

慶賀真佛宗根本傳承上師八十聖壽 「一生一咒」800萬遍上師心咒活動,從今年師尊的佛誕日正式啟動,請參加者到TBSN官網以下鏈接登記資料: 每持滿十萬遍上師心咒者,宗委會將把名單呈給師尊加持。每持滿一百萬遍者,將列名護摩法會功德主,資料請師尊主壇護摩法會時下護摩爐。