Two Newly Published English Edition of Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu's Books

Great news!! Thanks to the hard work from True Buddha Translation Team - English volunteers and help from US Daden Culture Publisher, newly published English Edition of Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu's Book 158, Contemplation Under the Lonesome Light, and Book 236, The Magical Hands of Sheng-yen Lu, will be available for purchase on site during the two-day ceremony weekend of 9/12 and 9/13. On the morning of 9/13, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will also be at the Rainbow Temple to autograph the two books for readers. Come and join us this once a year event and have a lot of fun.

Interested readers who are unable to attend the ceremonies in person, please contact US Dadan by email,

Book 158, Contemplation Under the Lonesome Light:
A cultivator has to eliminate clinging. Extinguishing the fire of anger and eradicating desire is a very wise move. When a person has the ability to do this, then it is time to start cultivation and learning. To practice Buddhadharma, to quiet down to cultivate True Buddha Tantra, to calm and stabilize one's mind, constantly think:
What is yours?
Wealth and property?
Reputation and position?
Cultivators must always maintain the balance of their state of the mind. When the mind is at its best state of non-clinging, one sees the impermanent world for what it is. With such a vision, one will not be embroiled in hate and revenge, or be torn between evil and good. The elimination of clinging supersedes any kind of learning or cultivating.

Book236, The Magical Hands of Sheng-yen Lu:
Vajrapani Bodhisattva said:
''Hands are an extension of the body and just like the rest of the body, are made up of the elements of earth, water, fire, and wind. Hands are therefore also empty. One day, the hands will also die. At the time of dispersal of the four great elements, only space remains. We practitioners have to recognize the true reality of the emptiness of the self.''

Vajrapani Bodhisattva also said:
''Due to the dharma power of cultivation, Grand Master Lu is able to emit infinite light from his hands. When this light is instilled into the body-mind of students, it will result in many inconceivable events. The recording of these occurrences into a book will benefit sentient beings living in the world.''

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