Dharma Spreading Personnel in Recognition

The True Buddha Foundation Educational Networking Workshop is an event which brings responsible personnel of cultivation venues and all levels of Dharma spreading personnel together for interaction and mutual exchange of ideas. This interaction and involvement of Dharma spreading personnel is critical to the continued strength and development of the True Buddha School. In 2018-2019, the True Buddha Foundation (TBF) held 11 networking workshops in the US, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. A total of 30 academic credits were awarded.

We thank all levels of Dharma propagating personnel for their cooperation with actual deeds realizing the operation and promotion of the workshop activities. Therefore, we would like to recognize the top two Dharma propagating personnel who accumulated the most course credits (if there is a tie in the amount of course credits, names will listed side by side). Commendations will be publicly announced on Feb. 03 during the spring networking workshop. The Root Guru has been respectfully invited to award certificates, a specially blessed and consecrated Buddhist plaque, and a signed Dharma image.

We greatly appreciate the diligence of Dharma propagation personnel in supporting cultivation venues, promoting the True Buddha Tantric Dharma, and benefiting sentient beings.

Following are the names of Dharma propagating personnel who will be recognized and awarded:

Shi Lianmei (Malaysia)
Shi Lianxuan (Malaysia)
Shi Lianjhuei (Taiwan)
Shi Liansiou (Taiwan)

【Dharma Instructor】
He Jingyi (Canada)
Gu XiMei (Malaysia)

【Dharma Assistant】
Hong Jili (Malaysia)
Wang Ciouyu (Malaysia)
Wang Shihyi (Malaysia)

Note: Please reference the chart below for the names of those Dharma propagating personnel who participated in the 2018-2019 educational networking workshops.

Best Regards
True Buddha Foundation Supervisory Department

讓我們發大菩提心共同持誦「救瘟疫度母心咒」,回向「新冠肺炎疫情速速止息,停止擴散蔓延; 所有一切罹病的患者 ,得到最好的治療,速速康復。 」