Mandala Plate Offering Sadhana

Start by praying for the root lineage blessing: First empty the mind. Next, visualize the Root Lineage Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng appearing above your crown and radiating light on everyone present. Chant the Root Lineage Guru Heart Mantra 7 times. Pray to the Root Lineage Guru to empower you so that the practice will be auspicious.

Engender the Four Immeasurable Minds: Visualize your parents, children, relatives, friends, and enemies join you in this practice.

Wake-Up Call: Clap twice, then cross hands and snap thumbs and middle fingers.

  1. Recite the Purification Mantras and Earth God Mantra
  2. Recite the Invocation Mantra
  3. Tender the Great Homage with Visualization
  4. Mandala Offering
    1. Visualization: First empty the mind
      Chant the Emptiness Mantra:
      Om, si-ba-wa, su-da, sa-er-wa, da-er-ma, si-ba-wa, su-do-hang. (3 times)
      The mandala plate symbolizes the Ten Dharma Realms. The Ten Dharma Realms are composed of the Four Holy Realms, buddhas. bodhisattvas, sravakas, and pratyekabuddhas; and the Six Realms of sentient beings, heavens, humans, asuras, hells, hungry ghosts, and animals. The mandala plate symbolizes the entire universe.

      Place rice in each level of the mandala plate. Hold the mandala plate with the left hand. Form the Sword Fingers with the right hand and place them on the offering plate. Visualize the mandala plate transforming into the entire universe of the ten directions including the upside, the downside, Mt. Sumeru, the Four Continents, sun, and moon. Visualize everything in its entirety. Then, visualize the offerings transforming into dots, lines, and planes until Mt. Sumeru and the entire universe are filled with offerings all the way to infinity. In the third visualization, offer all the treasures and precious jewels to the deities.
    2. Offering Mudra: Interlace fingers (with hands back to back) so that palms and fingers face upwards. Hook the index finger of the left hand over the middle finger of the right. Hook the index finger of the right hand over the middle finger of the left. Press the thumb of the left hand over the little finger of the right. Press the thumb of the right hand over the little finger of the left. Manipulate the ring fingers so that they stand vertically, back to back.
      Explanation of the Mudra:
      The Offering Mudra represents Mt. Sumeru and the Four Continents. (Purvavideha in the East, Jambudvipa in the South, Aparagodaniya in the West, Uttarakuru in the North).
    3. Recite the Offering Verse:
      xu mi si zhou bing ri yue,
      hua zhu zhen bao gong yang fo.
      zhong zhong zhen qi zhu gong de,
      xiao ye su su zheng pu ti.

      (Mount Meru together with the Four Continents, sun and moon,
      Transforms into precious treasures to offer to the Buddhas.
      May the immeasurable merits arisen from these treasures
      Quickly remove negative karma to realize Buddhahood.)
      Recite the Offering Mantra:
      Om, sa-er-wa, da-ta-ga-da, ee-da-mooh, gu-ru lana, man-cha-la, kan, nee-lee-yeh, dah-yah-mee.
    Completion of the above A, B, and C procedures counts as one offering practice. One then discards all the rice in the offering plate and replaces it with new rice. Repeating the procedure counts as the second offering practice. Performing it again constitutes the third practice, once again constitutes the fourth practice, and so on. (Note: One may soon cook the discarded rice to avoid wasting it.)
  5. Dedication
  6. Recite the Hundred Syllable Mantra (3 times)
  7. Tender the Great Homage with Visualization (same as step 3)
  8. Recite the Completion Mantra
    Om, Bu Lin. (3 times)
    Om Mani Padme Hum.
Dismissal: Clap twice, then cross hands and snap thumbs and middle fingers.
End of Practice: May all endeavors be auspicious.
Note: For Mandala Plate Offering Sadhana, please reference ‘True Mandala Offering Practice’ in Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Book 275, Pith Teaching to the Path of Liberation, and ‘Offering Sadhanas’ in Book 81, True Buddha Liturgies. Also see Living Buddha Lian-sheng’s answers in the Interaction is Power Series Q&A of April 12, May 24, and June 7, 2020.

An empowerment must be received from Living Buddha Lian-sheng or an authorized True Buddha School master before one engages in this particular sadhana.
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