True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury - Pingala (Wish-fulfilling Youth, Lotus-leaf Youth)

On Sunday, Jul. 2, 2023, 3:00 PM, at Rainbow Temple, True Buddha School Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will preside over a Pingala Homa Ceremony, discourse Vimalakirti Sutra, and bestow empowerment for the Pingala Uncommon Practice. (Live Webcast Link:

【Pingala Mudra :】

Mudra 1:

Place the left hand in front of the chest with the palm facing up as if holding an auspicious fruit. The right hand is held downward in the Wish-fulfilling Mudra.

Mudra 2: Both hands display the Wish-fulfilling Mudra in front of the chest or a little bit lower.

Note: Be sure to form the mudra when receiving empowerment. How does one form the mudra while holding something in one’s hand? If one is holding something in one’s hand, visualization is an option. If you don’t have anything in your hand, you must form one of the two mudras.

【Pingala Seed Syllable :】

La in yellow color

【Pingala Mantras :】
Unified Mantra:
「Om。pi-li-yin-ga。so-ha。」or 「Om。pi-li-yin-jia。so-ha。」

Note: HH Living Buddha Lian-sheng transmitted the Wish-fulfilling Youth Mantra before and after the ceremony. The fifth syllable can be pronounced as “jia” or “ga.”

Secret mantra:
「Tian-ling-ling。 di-ling-ling。 he-li-di-mu。 le-ling。man-yuan-tong-zi-jiang-lai-lin。」

【Pingala Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】
Pingala has a plump, smiling, and youthful appearance. His hair is styled in three (or five) buns. He is either sitting or standing on a lotus leaf. His left hand holds an auspicious fruit while his right hand displays the Wish-fulfilling Mudra. (While standing, his right hand points to the sky and left hand forms the Wish-fulfilling Mudra.)

【Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Discourse - Pingala Background and Key Cultivation Formula】
Wish-fulfilling Youth is the 500th son of Hariti. Hariti had a habit of eating other people's infant children. For the purpose of educating and transforming her, Shakyamuni Buddha employed his supernatural powers to capture the Wish-fulfilling Youth and conceal him in his alms bowl. Hariti couldn't find her youngest child and cried out to the Buddha, pleading for help. The Buddha admonished Hariti, saying, "You constantly eat other people’s children. Now that you’ve lost your own child, you break down in tears. How do you think those people felt?" Hariti awakened to the truth and realized her wrongdoing.

The Buddha's teaching method is based on the principle "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Therefore, Shakyamuni Buddha taught his disciples to engage in the practice of offering food to various beings. When making this offering, recite: "Da-peng-jin-chi-niao (To the great Garuda), Kuang-ye-gui-shen-zhong (To the multitude of ghosts and spirits in the desolate wilds),Luo-cha-gui-zi-mu (To the Rakshasas and to Hariti), Gan-lu-xi-chong-man (May you all be filled with nectar), om, mu-di-li, so-ha, om, mu-di-li, so-ha, om, mu-di-li, so-ha.”“Gui-zi-mu” in the mantra refers to Pingala’s mother, Hariti.

The Wish-fulfilling Youth is also known as Lotus-leaf Youth. Pingala is his Sanskrit name. He can fulfill all kinds of wishes including mundane wishes regarding spouse, wealth, children, high social status, and longevity. He also fulfills wishes for valuable people, love, respect, calamity eradication, removal of evil ghosts and malicious entities, neutralization of black magic spells, detoxification, harmonization, resolving unfavorable lawsuits, top scores on exams, transforming ominous to auspicious, etc. He can even enable a pregnant woman to give birth smoothly, inspire one’s writing, and ensure career success. Most importantly, he fulfills one’s wish for attainment of spiritual union with the personal deity. Practitioners can easily attain spiritual union with Pingala by reciting his mantra 100,000 times and making the right offerings.

Practitioner visualizes Shakaymuni’s bowl emerging in the void from the "bang" syllable. A lotus leaf grows in the bowl. Pingala is sitting on the lotus leaf. One can also visualize his seed syllable "La." The seed syllable looks like a circle with the character '工' (gōng) underneath. Visualize the seed syllable transforming into Pingala, which is the real name of the youth. His mantra is “Om, pi-li-yin-ga (or jia), so-ha.” One must recite the Wish-fulfilling Youth Mantra 100,000 times. Ghosts and evil deities cannot disturb those who practice Wish-fulfilling Youth Dharma. The wishes of Wish-fulfilling Youth Dharma practitioners will be fulfilled.

Why is it so easy to attain spiritual union with Pingala? Pingala is a young boy. After emerging from Shakyamuni’s bowl, he played in the saha world and assisted sentient beings.

Wish-fulfilling Youth has a Chinese mantra, which is his secret mantra: “Tian-luo-shen, zai-luo-shen, tian-ling-ling, di-ling-ling, he-li-di-mu, le-ling, man-yuan-tong-zi-jiang-lai-lin.” To make it simpler, just recite: “Tian-ling-ling, di-ling-ling, he-li-di-mu, le-ling, man-yuan-tong-zi-jiang-lai-lin.” Recite this mantra 100,000 times. “He-li-di-mu” refers to Pingala’s mother, Hariti. When commanded by his mother, he will appear. If one recites his mantra 100,000 times and makes proper offerings, he will come.

When making offerings to Wish-fulfilling Youth, offer candy, an ice cream sandwich, ice cream, etc. When you ask Pingala spiritual questions, he is extremely responsive. When one asks the heavens questions, the heavens will respond. When one asks the earth, the earth responds. When one asks for longevity, it is granted, and when one addresses evil spirits, the evil spirits depart. With Pingala’s help, one knows the heavens, earth, the cause and effect of three times, and all sorts of causes, conditions and resultant rewards. If one just makes some improvement, one’s request will be promptly granted. One can also pray to Pingala to remove karmic obstacles. He will let you see your own karmic hindrances. One may avoid all disasters and gain auspiciousness.

As a result, our blessing ceremony today is without a doubt the best! Pingala is the best! If one attains spiritual union with Pingala, Pingala will teach one how to attain the three insights and six transcendental powers. Once you have mastered this, you have attained a Buddha’s Absolute Universal Enlightenment which encompasses the realization of equality of all things. It means you have obtained buddha's Wisdom of Equanimity and Great Perfection Wisdom.

Lotus-leaf Youth has two mudras. The first mudra: Pingala holds an auspicious fruit in his left hand, and his right hand is held downward in the Wish-fulfilling Mudra. Be sure to form the mudra when receiving empowerment. The second mudra: both hands form the Wish-fulfilling Mudra. It means after you received the empowerment for Pingala, the deity gives you something. When you receive spiritual union with the deity in the future, you will then become Pingala.

Be sure to form his mudra when receiving empowerment. How does one form the mudra while holding something in one’s hand? If one is holding something in one’s hand, visualization is an option. If you don’t have anything in your hand, you must form this mudra.

For Rules Governing Pingala Practices, please reference True Buddha Foundation Dharma Affair Announcement TBF-DA Prac-0016
''Pingala (Lotus-leaf Youth)'' of Book 292, Master Vimalakirti & His Magic Power.
''Manifestation of Pingala'' of Book 292, Master Vimalakirti & His Magic Power.
''Dharma Discourse at Hong Kong Xinfa Chapter'' of Book 54, Vajrayana Karma.
Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Discourse on Wish-fulfilling Youth at Taiwan Lei TsangTemple on Feb. 4, 2023

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

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