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On Sunday, Apr. 23, 2023, 3:00pm, at Rainbow Temple, True Buddha School Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu will preside over a Ragaraja Homa Ceremony, discourse Vimalakirti Sutra, and bestow empowerment for the Ragaraja Uncommon Practice. (Live Webcast Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLl20r-KQlapX_5fT-N3cOw )

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【Ragaraja Mudra :】

Interlace both hands' fingers inward. Extend and cross middle fingers.

【Ragaraja Seed Syllable :】
Hum (red in color)    Bang   Seh

【Ragaraja Mantra :】

【Ragaraja Dharmalakṣaṇa Introduction】
One-faced and six-armed Ragaraja wears a crown with a vajra cross on top of it. His red hair which stands straight-up and fierce vajra eyes give him a formidable look. He holds a dharma implement in each of his six hands. His first left hand holds a mala and the first right hand, a lotus. His second left hand holds a bow and the second right hand, an arrow. Lastly, his third left hand holds a vajra bell in a position lower than the third right hand, which holds a vajra scepter. Ragaraja's entire body radiates brilliant red light. He sits on a thousand-petaled lotus upon a nectar vase.

【Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Discourse - Ragaraja Key Cultivation Formula】
Ragaraja, a truly magnificent bodhisattva, is a transformation of Mahavairocana Buddha entering Samantabhadra Bodhisattva's heart.

Among all the Yoga Vidyarajas, Ragaraja is the most revered and supreme. He is an embodiment of Vajrasattva, which is to say, he is the embodiment of a dharma prince.

One could also say that Mahavairocana Buddha entered Samantabhadra Bodhisattva whose heart then transformed into Ragaraja. Ragaraja is therefore extremely powerful.

Vajrasattva does not exist in Sutrayana because Vajrasattva is a dharma prince of Vajrayana, whereas Manjusri is the wisdom dharma prince, and Avalokiteshvara is the compassion dharma prince. The dharma prince of Hinayana is Sariputra. In Sutrayana, Vajrasattva sometimes is identified as Samantabhadra because Vajrasattva is considered to be a transformation of Samantabhadra. Some Sutrayana masters would claim that the Vajrasattva of Vajrayana is namely Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

Ragaraja is very prominent in both Eastern Vajrayana, Japanese Shingon Vajrayana, and Tibetan Vajrayana.

Ragaraja has unique features. His nectar vase is transformed from the syllable ''seh.'' The lotus he sits on is transformed from a ''bang'' syllable. Ragaraja himself is transformed from a ''hum'' syllable. He is sitting on a lotus. Beneath the lotus is a treasure vase, that is, a nectar vase. These are Ragaraja's unique features. In his image, he has one head and six arms. The Japanese Ragaraja holds a vajra sceptre in his right fist facing upwards and in front of his chest. The upper two hands hold a lotus and a mala respectively; the middle two hands, a vajra bell and scepter; and the lower two hands, a bow and arrow. Altogether, he has six hands. Ragaraja is depicted as having one head and six arms.

When reciting Ragaraja Mantra, ''Hum。zha-zhi-hum。re,'' pause after first ''hum'' which is recited as a single syllable. Recite the three syllables ''zha-zhi-hum'' together. One then recites ''re'' as the last single syllable. Do not recite the second syllable ''hum'' and last ''re'' together.

To invoke Ragaraja, one forms Ragaraja Mudra and recites Ragaraja Mantra, ''Hum。zha-zhi-hum。re.'' The invocation technique is to rub the middle fingers together. This represents Ragaraja's love for making connections. If one invokes Ragaraja in this way, he will come quickly and naturally descend into one's body. This is the key cultivation formula.

Ragaraja is a powerful deity of love and respect. If relations between a married couple are not harmonious, if one wants to acquire great love and admiration from male and female friends, if one wishes to become president or an artist, if one wishes to have a great affinity with all people, if one wishes to always have valuable people available, if practitioners need companions for success on the path of cultivation or need help from someone, if one needs the help of others in one's studies, if farmers need workers, or if businessmen want their business to flourish, they should all practice Ragaraja. In the True Buddha School, Ragaraja and Kurukulle are extremely significant deities for love and respect.

The Ragaraja practices taught by Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu are as follows:
  1. Assistance in Attaining Spiritual Union with the Principal Deity Practice
    During Vajrayana cultivation, even after reciting mantras and cultivating many practices, one may still fail to attain spiritual union with the deity. After 300,000 recitations of the Ragaraja Mantra, one will be able to attain spiritual union very quickly.

    Ragaraja has tremendous dharma power. By praying to him, one can easily attain spiritual union with one's personal deity. Since Ragaraja is a deity who loves to make connections, everyone should chant his mantra.

    If one recites Ragaraja's mantra 300,000 times and then cultivates one's personal deity, one will very quickly attain spiritual union! Ragaraja is a liaison. This means he loves to get people connected.
  2. Annihilation of Evil Practice
    Paint or draw Ragaraja's image and hang it on the west wall so that it faces to the east. Subsequently, after completing 300,000 recitations of the Ragaraja Mantra, one can perform Shooting Ragaraja's Bow and Arrow by visualizing oneself holding a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other while one's enemy appears before one. One then shoots the arrow at the enemy. The enemy will no longer oppose one. This dharma is called Annihilation of Evil.

    Following is an alternative Annihilation of Evil Practice. One performs this practice on the afternoon of a ''Chu'' Day (removal day, lunar calendar.) While standing in front of Ragaraja's image, face to the east. With one's hands and arms in the position of shooting an arrow, recite the Ragaraja Mantra 108 times. Visualize the enemy in front of one and shoot the arrow. One's enemy will immediately retreat.
  3. Image Drawing Practice
    In Vajrayana, drawing an image is held in high regard because when an image is being drawn, one is in a state of focused concentration and will draw continuously. If Ragaraja's image is drawn while one is in a state of concentration, the drawing will have power once it is hung up, because Ragaraja's divine nature will be in the drawing. By performing Image Drawing Practice, one can quickly and easily attain spiritual union because, after a long period spent drawing his image, Ragaraja will be imprinted in one's mind.
  4. Love and Respect Practice
    A homa for love and respect must be performed between the 16th and 30th days of the lunar calendar. Set up the fire offering mandala in the form of a lotus shaped semi-circle. All offerings, such as flowers, fruits, food, drinks, clothing or other items, must be red in color. Cast 180 red lotus stamens into the homa furnace to be burned. The mantra to be recited is ''Hum。zha-zhi-hum。re. Command XXX and XXX to love and respect each other.'' Please note that this practice is only to be performed by those who are honest and sincere. It is not to be practiced by those with evil intentions.
  5. Nectar Practice
    As mentioned previously, first visualize a ''seh'' syllable transforming into a nectar vase. A ''bang'' syllable then transforms into a thousand-petalled lotus whose stem grows out from the vase. Then, a ''hum'' syllable transforms into Ragaraja who sits atop the lotus. Visualize Ragaraja moving to the top of one's head. Ragaraja's nectar vase drips nectar which enters one's central channel. One visualizes one's entire body filling up with nectar that eradicates all negative karma. As Ragaraja is red, one can visualize this nectar as red in color. When one's entire body is filled with red nectar, one is purified. By this practice, one can easily be reborn in the pure land of the buddha.
  6. Carved Image Practice
    Obtain a carved image of Ragaraja about the height of one's right thumb. Ragaraja's height, width, and length should exactly correspond to the size of one's thumb. One desires Ragaraja to be completely imprinted in one's heart, and when one has completed 300,000 mantra recitations, one will attain spiritual union with Ragaraja. Wherever one goes, one will have the love and respect of everyone and their love and respect will be reflected on one's body.

    One should perform Carved Image Practice to protect oneself from harm by witchcraft, black magic, and other evil practices. One should have an image of Ragaraja carved and wear it as a pendant.

    While wearing the carved image of Ragaraja, if one falls in love with someone and wishes that Ragaraja will help one gain that person's love, all one needs to do is recite the Ragaraja Mantra seven times and then say that person's name. Alternatively, one may say, ''Command that XXX and XXX shall love each other.''

    Also, after completing 300,000 recitations of Ragaraja Mantra, one should carry the carved image of Ragaraja with one. Recite the mantra seven times while on the plane; seven times while on the boat; seven times while on the train; or seven times while in the car. Whichever transportation one takes, or if one is walking, or anywhere one may be, recite the Ragaraja Mantra seven times. One will not encounter any disasters or calamities.
  7. Exorcism Practice
    To exorcise a person who is insane or possessed by evil spirits, first visualize oneself transforming into Vajrasattva. One then visualizes a ''hum'' syllable on each palm transforming into Ragaraja, a ''hum'' atop the one's crown transforming into Ragaraja, and a ''hum'' syllable on one's face transforming into Ragaraja. Visualize that one's Vajrasattva body transforms into Ragaraja. One then pats the insane or possessed person on the back. Alternatively, one may recite ''Hum。zha-zhi-hum。re'' while patting the insane or possessed person on the back with one's palms. The evil spirit possessing the person will naturally run away.
  8. Detoxification (Purification) Practice
    Recite the Ragaraja Mantra 300,000 times. Then, before eating the food, recite ''Hum。zha-zhi-hum。re'' seven times. If the food was spoiled or contaminated, it will become fresh and clean again. Upon returning home, one will not have diarrhea. Someone may put a curse on one with black magic, or put a curse on one's food, or contaminate one's food with sedatives or other mind-altering drugs. One faces the soda or food and recites ''Hum。zha-zhi-hum。re'' seven times. The drugs or sedatives in the food will be neutralized. Any contaminated food will be neutralized and purified. Anything bad will become normal. Anything that has been poisoned will be detoxified.

    Therefore, if one is cursed with black magic or harmed by witchcraft such as that practiced in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi, and Xiangxi, the black magic or witchcraft spells can be broken by performing this practice.

    Even if one finds oneself in hell and sees poisonous snakes, just recite ''Hum。zha-zhi-hum。re'' seven times and the poisonous snakes will go away. If one is in the hell of swallowing red hot molten metal balls, all one needs to do is recite the Ragaraja Mantra, ''Hum。zha-zhi-hum。re'' seven times and the molten metal balls will turn into mooncakes. If one who is in the Hell of Filth and Excrement recites ''Hum。zha-zhi-hum。re'' seven times, the filth and excrement will turn into fragrant sausage. Any bad thing will transform into a good thing.
  9. Ragaraja Yin-Yang Water Magnetization Practice
    Buy a bottle of water. Boil half the water then mix it with the other half of the water in a bowl. This is how yin-yang water is made.

    After enshrining Ragaraja, light incense to invoke his presence, then chant his mantra. Place the bowl of yin-yang water in front of Ragaraja's statue on the shrine as an offering. Pay homage to Ragaraja by performing the seven steps of Great Homage, Mandala Offering, Fourfold Refuge, Four Immeasurable Vows, Repentance, and so on. After finishing the seven steps, one sits down and calmly visualizes the person one admires. If one is female, one must visualize a male as one's admired person, and vise versa if one is male. If one is male one must not visualize a male, and a female must not visualize a female. One visualizes a female whom one admires appearing in the void. One then forms a Hook Mudra which hooks onto her skirt and pulls her down into the bowl of water. At the same time, one chants the mantra, ''Za。 hum。 ban。 huo.'' The female one has hooked transforms into water after being pulled into it. Subsequently, one visualizes oneself entering the water while chanting ''Za。hum。 ban。 huo.'' One forms the Ragaraja Mudra and visualizes oneself in the water embracing the other person. One then recites the Ragaraja Mantra. In other words, after visualizing oneself and one's love interest embracing in the water, one forms the Ragaraja Mudra and chants the Ragaraja Mantra, ''Hum。 zha-zhi-hum。 re, hum。 zha-zhi-hum。 re, hum。 zha-zhi-hum。 re'' 108 times. On the last recitation of the mantra, chant the mantra this way, ''Hum, zha-zhi-hum, XXX and I are perfectly magnetized, re.''

    The water in the bowl becomes empowered when one has chanted the Ragaraja Mantra 108 times. One repeats the practice for the 2nd time, the 3rd time, … up to seven times. One can refill the water bottle with the water in the bowl after completing seven practices. At the next encounter with the object of one's affection, offer her the bottle of water to drink.

    One can use this same method if one is in conflict with one's spouse. Put several drops of the water in the bottle into one's spouse's soup. There is no need to pour it all in at once. One can repeat this process by adding drops from the water bottle to the next several pots of soup.

    The key point is that the love interest must drink the water in order to generate feelings. For example, once his feelings are generated, one's male love interest, who wouldn't normally notice one, will suddenly see how beautiful one is and want to be friends. He will feel that you are the one he loves the most.

    Still, I am telling everyone that Buddhist practitioners must not behave inappropriately. Those who are renunciates, such as our monks, nuns, and acharyas, should not practice this method inappropriately just because they have learned about it. This practice is only for affinities which are right and proper. In other words, if one has affinity with the admired person, this practice will accelerate the affinity. Moreover, one's feelings towards the admired person must be sincere, not disingenuous. In other words, one should only perform this practice if one truly loves the other person. If one is only playing games with the other person, one's merit will be damaged or lost. This is a practice meant to foster love.
Ragaraja is infinitely powerful. After reciting the Ragaraja Mantra 300,000 times, one will attain powerful spiritual union with him.

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