“Invocation with Light”

Chapter 45, Book 154 “The Aura of Wisdom”,

by HH Dharma King Living Buddha Lian-Sheng, Sheng-Yen Lu 

Somebody once asked me: "How do you invoke all the buddhas and deities in the Vajrayana teachings?"

I replied, "We must form the Invocation Mudra and chant the Invocation Mantra. First, the practitioner should hold the thought that all buddhas and bodhisattvas, the Three Jewels, are filling the space with their omnipresence. The assembly of buddhas and great bodhisattvas of the ten directions, seen with their majestic golden bodies, are seated on lotus thrones, encircling the field in endless multiple rows and radiating lights of great luminance."

"Are there any secret keys in the invocation?"

"Yes," I answered. For example, the secret key for invoking my personal deity, Amitabha Buddha, is called the "Invocation with Light." Visualize Amitabha Buddha's seed syllable HRIH seated within the moon disc at your heart chakra, radiating three beams of red light which travel upwards through the central channel, projecting through the crown chakra into space. At that time, Amitabha Buddha shall respond naturally with the light of invocation and descend. 

Another secret key lies in the use of the Vajra Hook Mudra for invocation. The practitioner visualizes the hook attaching itself to the cloud that the respective buddha or bodhisattva rides upon, and the buddha or bodhisattva shall definitely descend.

Other approaches of invocation include:

Visualizing a lotus throne ascending to welcome and receive the respective buddha or bodhisattva. 

Visualizing the respective buddha's or bodhisattva's sleeve fluttering as he or she approaches. 

Visualizing the respective buddha or bodhisattva raising his or her foot. 

Visualizing the jewels and adornments worn by the respective buddha or bodhisattva chiming as he or she moves.

In general, the most important of all invocation practices in Vajrayana Buddhism is the 'Invocation with Light." The shining of the three lights relies completely on the workings of the heart. This means that your heart is radiating light of great luminosity. As long as your heart gives off light of great brilliance, countless buddhas and bodhisattvas shall all radiate light upon you. 

The shining of light itself carries vast significance, which includes the significance of calling forth and invocation, the significance of seeking refuge, the significance of alertness, the significance of making offerings, the significance of merits, and the significance of infinite Dharma. In Vajrayana Buddhism, it carries the significance of infinite light! 

If you use your heart and radiate light to invoke the buddhas and bodhisattvas, they shall definitely descend.

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