Obituary: Master Shi Lianhong (蓮弘) Has Passed Away

~ Obituary ~

Master Shi Lianhong (蓮弘), a highly valued member of the True Buddha School Sangha, has passed away.

Master Shi Lianhong received his ordination vows and became a monk in 1996. He was promoted to master in 2013, and later served as abbot of Shengde Temple. He passed away at 2:56 PM, Dec. 15, 2022 at the age of 87.

The True Buddha Foundation respectfully asked the Root Guru to bless Master Lianhong and deliver him to the pure land.

We are asking all disciples to recite the Buddha’s name and dedicate the merit to Master Lianhong’s rebirth in Maha Twin Lotus Ponds.

Best Regards

True Buddha Foundation
Public Relations Department
Dec. 16, 2022

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang

慶賀真佛宗根本傳承上師八十聖壽 「一生一咒」800萬遍上師心咒活動,從今年師尊的佛誕日正式啟動,請參加者到TBSN官網以下鏈接登記資料: 每持滿十萬遍上師心咒者,宗委會將把名單呈給師尊加持。每持滿一百萬遍者,將列名護摩法會功德主,資料請師尊主壇護摩法會時下護摩爐。